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If you have a personal question or situation your minister or priest cannot or will not help you with, please email me at You need to tell me as much as possible about your situation and give me an active phone number I can call. I only answer simple questions via email. If you situation is complex, I will need to talk to you personally.
Please write NEED ASSISTANCE in the subject line so your email is not deleted accidentally.

If you need free exorcised oil, salt and some blessed items for your home, please email me at and write NEED OIL AND SALT in the subject line. Give me your full address and please donate $7.20 for USPS Priority Shipping (actual cost for a small flat rate box or padded envelope) through this site. This way you get shipping notifications. I ship a lot of items in these packages so I don’t like using regular mail as I don’t know if you received the package and you don’t know where your package is. I just wish USPS would quit raising the rates every five minutes!

You will find the donate button on the right side of this page further down. You can donate through PayPal so you get a receipt for your donation. Thank you.  Every donation over the cost of shipping is thankfully accepted as it helps me to restock these items so they are here and ready to send out immediately. However, do not feel you have to donate extra money to get your blessed items.

If you believe you need an in-home or property investigation, please contact me through the Supernatural Analysis and Research Institute. I no longer take individual cases requiring in person investigation, but if you need or want that type of help, I will participate with the group on your behalf.

If you call another group to investigate, PLEASE do not throw out valuable items because someone in the group tells you they’re haunted or cursed or possessed! Place jewelry or other small valuables in a jar with some ordinary salt, put other valuables in a bag with some ordinary salt and EMAIL ME at and give me your phone number! I can tell you over the phone what is or is not haunted or cursed or whatever, and send you exorcised salt and oil for free so you can keep those valuable and expensive items that actually have a problem without any fear or concern until we can clear them properly. I really wish investigative groups out there would quit doing this!!! Any item can be exorcised and freed of whatever it has on it, or in it, for that matter. Any item. Do not throw away your heirlooms because you are told they are haunted. Pish posh! God is much more powerful than anything slinking around in this world. After 44 years of doing this work, I can honestly attest to that!

And please believe me, I check and answer my email every single day. I will get back to you immediately! No waiting or being ignored or hung out to dry. OK? EMAIL ME!! I don’t care where I am or what I am doing. I will get back to you right away.

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