Energy Waves and EMF – How they can influence our electrical field.

Before leaping to conclusions about your situation, question and research everything about your property and the people who lived there before you moved in. Research the history of your home, land, and property. Is it a volcanic area from the past? Are there vast aquifers under the ground? Is it earthquake prone? I’ve seen animals act very strange before earthquakes or other natural disasters. People are no different. Certain ore deposits or waterways can cause a multitude of electrical or geomagnetic problems. Heavy power lines, old WWll badly insulated or damaged wiring in buildings, electrical lines improperly attached to water pipes or touching metal in a furnace or metal framework of a building can actually create an antenna effect, perhaps be a fire hazard and/or create serious magnetic disturbances or changes in the atmosphere near and around them.

These types of things also create a problem for our thinking process as our brains fire electrical charges in order to think. Neuron to neuron, if your brain is misfiring, you can feel uneasy, hallucinate, hear things that don’t exist or worse. So be aware that what is happening in your home may not necessarily be spiritual at all. Your intuition may believe its spiritual, but a rat or squirrel in the attic can chew through a wire and cause electrical problems and cause electromagnetic chaos in your own brain.

A very interesting link to explore is

The science in this technology is tested and proven to work.  I have purchased their products and use them myself. You can purchase products from this company to harmonize your home, body, and workplace from the disrupted EMF and RF frequencies of today’s technology. You will be amazed at the difference in your home and how much paranormal activity simply dies out.