Get Rid of Ghosts, Evil Spirits and Other Entities.

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If your life or your family’s life is seemingly being turned upside down because of paranormal activity or something you simply don’t understand, please read through this website for the information you need to return your life, home and property back to what we all view as normal, ordinary life.

Please contact me, your Priest, Minister or Pastor immediately if anyone is being physically attacked, harmed, bruised, scratched or bitten, or if blessed objects are being manipulated. It takes the intelligence of a ‘thinking’ (living) mind to manipulate energy. Never speak to or yell at any ‘spirit’ you believe is causing the problem, no matter how angry you are. Once you speak to an intelligent entity, you are giving them permission to interact with you on a personal basis, just like meeting a stranger on the street. Do you really ‘want’ them to know you or visit your house? Do you want to live with them? Just like people, actual paranormal entities can pretend to be anyone they want to be to get you to open the door for them. Once inside and you realize it’s a bad guy, it’s very difficult to get them out.

Don’t assume that what is happening to you or in your home is ‘spiritual’. Many times it can be a case of simple science and the way the normal energy of the earth reacts to itself. The earth is an electrical creation, and the human body is also powered by electricity. When ‘wires’ short out, or become dysfunctional, ordinary objects do not think about ‘what it is’, they simply react like two magnets trying not to come into contact with each other and chaos can ensue.

The brains of humans or animals run on electrical impulses.  When our brains misfire because of environmental electrical shorts, disease or magnetic fields or chemical imbalances in our environment or body, our thoughts, senses and feelings are truly capable of being influenced to think it’s a spirit or entity causing our distress. We usually don’t think nature is capable of causing such ‘crazy’ problems…but truly, that’s just centuries of not thinking properly about the power of nature itself. See my Electrical Waves and EMF page for more information about this.

Life isn’t a quasi ‘reality’ TV show.  Rule out all the common sense reasons for the activity first. If there is still activity that is unexplained, read through the rest of this site and contact me.

You need help and accurate advice that isn’t going to make the situation worse. For example, never assume someone is possessed just because their behavior has changed. A truly possessed person has very little, if any, control over their actions at all. But anyone can have ‘attachments’ or some sort of spirit bothering them influencing them to be depressed or anxious. Some entities can project thoughts into our minds that we may think are our own thoughts, although normally we would never think like that. That’s a common phenomenon with intelligent entities and can be stopped using deliverance prayers.

Please don’t throw your valuable jewelry, belongings or religious items away because a psychic, medium or paranormal investigator’ told you those objects are haunted, cursed or possessed. If an object is causing actual activity to happen in your home, they are more than likely cursed because objects cannot acquire an entity or be possessed by one unless a practitioner of magic uses a ritual to infest the object. God is more powerful than any entity slinking around in this world, so contact meimmediately before tossing your heirlooms or valuable items away.

If an object is truly possessed, it will exhibit intelligence.  Be aware of that before tossing your valuables like wedding rings, clothing, pictures, letters, mementos or collectibles, etc. Place small valuable items in blessed or exorcised salt in a clean baby food jar and put them in a safety deposit box in a bank. There is a blessing for salt on my Blessings and Prayers page you can use. Place larger items you feel are suspicious in a storage unit off your property. If all the activity stops within a few days, leave them in storage for several weeks, then bring them back (one and only one) at a time and wait for a week or so. If activity begins again, you’ll know which items are actually problematic. If there is one or more, see my DIY  page for the proper directions regarding disposal.

There is a great deal of information in this website. Please take the time you need to read it. Many things may become clear to you and you won’t have to call paranormal investigators to investigate your home. But if you do, you will know and understand what they are talking about and how to handle the situation if they are able to get any evidence of paranormal activity.

You will also know when or if it is time to call in a Catholic Priest, Protestant Minister or Pastor and how to approach them on the subject. Many clergy are hesitant to get involved in paranormal matters and you may be turned away, so be prepared for that. I will assist you in obtaining ministerial help if that happens.

Please don’t think that because you are a Christian that you’re not vulnerable to attack. That’s simply not the case. Even St. Paul had to deal with ‘a thorn in his side’. I’ve helped many very religious Christian people that were afflicted. Read the works of the early Church Fathers if you want more illumination on this subject. I’ve given you once such link below.

“Demons According to St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross”

I would also recommend you clicking on the link below if you truly feel you are compromised by demonic entities at this moment. It’s been a great help to many of my clients. It’s from the Saint Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling. You will find deliverance prayers, etc. that you can begin to use immediately. Then return and read my site and gain additional knowledge after you’ve applied emergency Spiritual first aid.

About Me

My name is Sonia Brosz. I’m a Maronite Catholic Charismatic with the spiritual gift of Discernment of Spirits bestowed by the Holy Spirit. I’ve been working by ministerial referral only for over 30+ years. ‘Going public’ is new to me, but something I felt God wanted me to do at this time of such upheaval in the world. I am not perfect, I don’t know everything, nor do I secretly think I do. This site contains information from my perspective based on my experience with God’s teachings, the cases I’ve worked throughout my life, my secular education and constant learning from close interaction with a great many wise and knowledgeable people that I have been blessed to meet over my 60+ years of life.

I stepped into my calling to become a Religious Charismatic devoted to healing and spiritual warfare in my twenties and never looked back. God informs me through the gifts of Discernment of Spirits, Knowledge and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to the circumstances in any situation he brings to me. He also informs me if I need to call in a team for help or if a request for help needs to be referred to clergy. If that is necessary, I will help you make those connections in your local area and provide the clergy with my notes on the case with your permission. My ministry is mostly a ‘Deliverance’ based ministry. I’ve only performed “exorcisms” in emergency situations with permission from the Church. House or property exorcisms are acceptable with proper ministerial guidance and I have performed many of them successfully.

With God’s assistance spiritually and through the writings on this website you will understand that you are not alone, that God is here to help you, through me and other servants like me. Jesus Christ died to free you and his sacrifice on the cross defeated the devil. The work of the Holy Spirit has been to baptize many servants with his gifts. But if you are truly called you must use these gifts to help others, not yourself. With God, everything is teamwork and freely sharing what you have been given. It is the Gifts of the Holy Spirit that enable the Fruits of the Holy Spirit to be realized and thrive.

God created everything that exists. I see him in everything and everyone. Through his wisdom and guidance I have worked with and learned from people all over the world, ministers, pastors and priests, shamans, true prophets, holy or learned men and women from nearly every religion or science throughout my life and will continue to do so as God guides me.