All About Demons

A demon is an entity that has no form or body, but does possess consciousness, awareness, personality, intelligence and is capable of infiltrating the mind of a living being with pure thought, either from the outside or inside of that person.  In my opinion, Demons have an energy field that is a complete reversal from what is normal in this universe, perhaps existing in a pure energy universe that is separate but overlaps the universe we inhabit, therefore, when they ‘touch’ someone or something in made of matter, they literally destroy, over time, the normal energy field of the living being, object or “matter” they touch or ‘inhabit’. But to touch or inhabit, they must be ‘invited’ to do so by a human being; if not, or refused, they can do nothing of that sort.

They can, however, infest objects, places and things with their energy, hoping that someone will touch something they’ve managed to change the energy field on and inhabit. Once a human or animal touches that energy field, they can move in to a point and oppress the person or animal, make them sick because of their nasty energy, anxious, feel things, hear things, see things, experience paranormal activity that they cannot explain. The uncertainty is enough to cause exhaustion that can lead to physical illness, severe anxiety, depression or a mental state that resembles mental illness. When demons are present in this form, exorcists refer to them as attachments.

For example, the Gazarene Jesus encountered in the Bible was possessed, which means he had no control over his thoughts or actions, but was living a in a filthy place, consuming whatever he could find to eat and generally filthy physically. He had no thought of what his humanity either needed or required for appropriate living conditions. When Jesus dealt with those demons, he had to ‘Cast them out” into the swine, which lost their own sense of survival and ran over a cliff into the sea, killing them.

When Jesus encountered the man in the temple, whose demon spoke to Jesus, asking him what he wanted with him, Jesus commanded him to ‘leave that man’. But we see that the man was attending Temple of his own free will. So that demon had not been able to possess the man, only ‘tag’ along, oppressing the man, trying to infiltrate his thinking, behavior and so forth by projecting thoughts and ideas into the man’s head. But the man, being faithful unto God, would not consider that demon’s wishes, but instead remained faithful and attended Temple. This is an example of a demon ‘attaching itself’ to a human being. He had no control over the man at all, other than trying to wear him down and turn him away from God so that the demon could take up residence in him.

Demons are the “reverse” of all we see in this universe. Alien to the point of being anathema to life and it’s continuance as actual life. Like Anti-Matter to Matter, whatever their energy or energy field touches, it begins to destroy, and over time, can cause a cessation of life force in a living being or disrupt the molecular structure of what we consider solid matter, like wood, plaster, even stones. Demons are completely and totally destructive to a universe primarily made of matter and any energy fields found in it. They are not now, nor have they ever been, alive. They exist as pure thought only in this universe as their true physical being could not exist here. They have no power to actually manifest in this universe unless they manipulate matter to appear to be a real, solid, life form, or intrude enough into a live being that they can ‘pretend’ it’s their body. They, themselves, have no form at all. Any form they take is one they believe will scare or frighten you out of your wits, since they’ve penetrated enough living minds to know what really scares us.

How do we get involved with Demons

How do we get involved with demons? By looking for extraordinary POWER over our lives. We begin seeking it from magic or from some entity and not really caring or paying attention to what that something is. And the worst part? Demons understand this because they know us. They hate us and have beginning the moment we were created. They want to disrupt, destroy or hurt you in whatever way they can. They want you to run to things that will promise you personal power and control, or drive you to ‘communication’ with devices or through psychics to ‘see’ what is going on, instead of turning to God and simply going into that room and saying, “In the name of Jesus, get out of my house!”

Never engage in conversation with them, don’t say things like, “What are you anyway? Why are you here? What do you want with me? Why are you bothering us?” Don’t ask questions of any entity you may think you have encountered. Speaking to a demon “invites” them to “interact” with you. You are, in effect, giving them permission to do so by asking for their reply. They probably projected the feeling you had that something was watching you in the first place just to rile up your emotional response and anger, which they feed off of. They’re not content with staying “out there”, and having a conversation. What they really want is to get into your mind, your head, your body, so they can take over. If you ask a question, they can ‘come in’ to answer, because they are “pure thought”, not flesh, and they can only communicate to you through thought. If they can manipulate something, they will, but if you ‘hear’ them, they’re shouting outside your head manipulating the sound waves already in the world and you’re picking that up. What they want you to do is answer them or ask a question or yell at them. If you address them in any way whatsoever, you are issuing an “invitation”. At that point, they don’t have to manipulate sound waves, they can influence your mind and it is one of the first stages of possession, called oppression.

If you feel watched or sense that “something is there”, the appropriate thing to say is, “In the name of Jesus Christ, get thee behind me Satan and depart from me and my home (or wherever you happen to be).”

What are demons really?

Demons are angels that sided with Lucifer against God and were thrown down from heaven. They hate everything God ever created and their only desire is to destroy or kill it. They are CREATURES of pure thought. They don’t have bodies. They don’t live here on Earth. The other universe is called Sheol, or Hell. They cannot manifest here or manipulate objects for long periods of time as they can not draw the energy they need from this earth. They’re entities from another universe other than this one, and the energy of that universe is like anti-matter to this one. Whatever they touch or inhabit by pure thought or touch begins to self-destruct as the energy field changes enough for the demon to inhabit and live through the object or living being. Their presence scrambles the natural energy field of the object or person and it becomes dangerous to even touch or get near, like touching anti-matter itself. This is why St. Paul said not to even touch the garments of an evil person. Touching a ‘reverse’ energy field will damage your body and inhibit the natural flow of your life force and give the demon a place to dwell.

Demons generally enter through the stomach, sternum or eyes of an individual. But if that person has touched a demon infested object, the reverse energy field can give them a ‘nest’ or place where they can exist without being thrown out of the body. As they worm their way into the body, they use the blood flow lines of the body to creep upward towards the brain. It may take years for a ‘small or weak’ demon to make this transition, but a ‘major’ or high ranking demon can possess immediately once it gets permission to do so. And it will go to any lengths to get someone to agree to it entering into the body or brain. They’re brilliant and very clever and lie constantly about everything. They offer whatever you desire until they get their way, then you find yourself caught in a web that you cannot escape without a true exorcist.

Chinese medicine labels these natural flow lines in the body as meridians. Touching a reverse energy field can restrict or even block a meridian, causing illness and disease from the imbalance of our bodies own electrical circuitry. Once we’re disrupted, whatever we touch also becomes disrupted. Just a little spot at first, but it will continue to grow over time. A disrupted person can disrupt an entire house because they touch everything, doors, railings, cupboards, tables, chairs, walls, and so forth. This is how a house becomes imbued with potential nests for alien beings of the demonic sort.

Once a demon is able to disrupt even a small part of the natural world, they can latch on and inhabit. They then continue to scramble the energy field cell by cell or molecule by molecule to make it larger. They want it to resemble their own universe and when their “nest” becomes large enough, they can invite other demons to join them. Sometimes these demonic entities damage a person or animal’s body so much that the person or animal dies from the damage. It’s like you get shorted on a subatomic level and sometimes the damage is so extensive it’s not repairable by modern medicine, but only by God, who can do anything.

God created everything in this universe, even anti-matter. He created the angels but did not give them bodies. They are pure thought. But Lucifer, in his ego and rebellion against God, created ‘demons’ when his followers were exiled with him to an opposite in every way universe called Sheol, or hell. It’s like the two universes overlap each other, but one is matter and the other anti-matter. Antimatter does not have a consciousness, therefore, scientists are not ‘making’ demons when they isolate antimatter. But they certainly don’t touch it either, nor do they allow it to touch anything made of matter. They shield it electronically from being able to interact with matter. Matter and antimatter coming into contact with each other will explode.

We may not explode when a demon touches us, but we certainly begin to feel a negative change in our bodies as our energy field becomes dysfunctional. Once a demon is inside the person, it moves through the meridians and enters the brain through the neck area where the skull meets the neck vertebrae. After it does this, it can begin to have some control over thoughts and even what a person will say and do. The people around the oppressed person will begin to realize that something about the person is not ‘quite right’ or that the person is drastically changing for the worse. Since the thinking of demons is contrary to ours, we become contentious and argumentative, angry and obnoxious. Other people avoid that person and the person becomes isolated so the demon can grow in strength without having to exert energy to dissuade the kindness and love of other people from convincing the person they inhabit to get rid of them.

The Life of an Exorcist

Exorcists are mainly healers, but they have a difficult life once they have answered the call.

When a person is possessed or changed by the energy field from the ‘other god’ or Satan, the soul cannot reside in the body, only the awareness and conscious mind is left in place. The soul can still sometimes break through and ‘talk’ to you, but that’s because the body is operated by our awareness and mind. When a person is ‘possessed’ the alien god or Satan is present only in pure thought, but has replaced the cord of the ‘spirit’ breathed into us by God to begin our lives with the power of the possessing entity. It takes a great deal of power for these entities to command the body well enough to alter the energy field to the point where their awareness can remain for any length of time. This is why possession does not happen overnight, but is a long process. Each time the ‘entity’ is able to command the body, the awareness and mind of the normal person is literally ‘held down’ and the human soul pushed out or nearly out of the body. The success of the entity in completely replacing God’s spirit as a power source depends on the degree of acceptance of the person to be possessed.

If you think about it, you can understand why the people in the family of the possessed as well as the exorcist and assistants are usually injured while working with a possessed person. Even if that person does not hit or harm them literally with their actual body, the people are injured by coming in contact with the abnormal energy field. This field drains some of their life force and can cause wounds in their natural energy shielding (also known as an aura) that extends beyond their body. That is our natural electromagnetic energy field because as a human being as we are all electrically driven by impulse from our nerves, brain and brain stem that keep our heart and ‘automatic’ system running smoothly. The possessing entity literally ‘shorts out’ our energy field, one neuron at a time until death occurs, unless they are exorcised from the body. This horrendous transition inflicted upon the human body brought on by the possession can damage the body of the person to the point where they cannot survive an exorcism designed to expel the demon or demons in one massive exorcism, but must be treated over a long period of time with multiple exorcisms, allowing the body cells that have been cleared of the energy field to heal and strengthen the body. The more powerful the possessing entity, the more damage they can inflict in a shorter amount of time. A ‘main’ or ‘lead’ demon controls vast numbers of smaller demons who rush in to inflict further damage. The only way to exorcise this ‘legion’ is a few demons at a time as the person’s entire nervous system may be compromised. If not exorcised they will die as their life force is usurped by the demon or false god, as sooner or later the entity would leave the body, having damaged it to a point where the autonomic nervous system will no longer function normally and vital organs like the heart, lungs and brain can no longer send or receive electrical signals.

I’ve been asked many times why a demon would kill someone on purpose when they have taken possession. Of course they detest and hate human beings and will urge some to kill themselves. Other times, their ‘reverse’ energy simply damages the body so much through the process of infestation, obsession and possession that the body simply cannot continue to live.

Jesus realized this and so much of his ministry had to do with healing. The rituals of some churches do not include this healing as a formal or informal sacrament, but call it Deliverance. Even though the ministers and priests  try to keep a careful watch on the health of the person, many times they forget to anoint the person for healing, but only anoint to make the demon suffer and drive him from the body. Perhaps they think that once the demon is gone the person will recover their physical health and many times this is true. But it is not true in the extremely rare instance where the possessing entity is very powerful. If a major or minor god or Satan or one of his more powerful demons is involved, death is often the result if the exorcism is not handled very, very carefully and sometimes, even if it is.

I’m telling you this to illustrate why many exorcists also never recover completely from an exorcism of that nature. It is very rare indeed that a major entity such as the ones I just listed are involved in a possession. I’ve also heard of cases where the family members were themselves weakened to the point that they also became very ill from contact with the possessed. In fact, some died shortly thereafter from heart attacks, strokes or other major ailments. Coming into contact with an alien energy field is always extremely dangerous…and also why you do not wish to address the entity directly. If they focus on you to answer your question or remark, their directed energy via sound can pierce your personal energy field and deliver a solid blow to your electrical system through your brain or heart as the alien energy hits your nerve cells and disrupts them.

A “perfectly possessed’ person is one who has allowed an alien entity to completely ‘own’ the body. Their soul and conscious awareness has, for all intents and purposes, stepped out for good. The person you know no longer exists and the alien controls all action, thought and speech of the body. This is why Fr. Malachi Martin once said that if he sees one walking down the sidewalk towards him he crosses the street. The further away you can get from this enormous amount of disruptive energy, the better.

These alien demonic entities have no desire to leave life alone. They only want to destroy it and take over this creation for their own purposes. They want to ‘steal’ it for themselves. This is why they approach people in such a beguiling way. Trick people into thinking they are wise, enlightening, kind, and want to ‘help’ them progress spiritually with ‘knowledge’ not normally held by humans. The people then “channel” endless books and papers while the demons tell half-truths or just enough truth to be convincing. And the people who believe this information accept it because they’re curious to really “know” what is “out there” and want enlightenment and knowledge. So some of what is ‘channeled’ is true and some of it isn’t, but since we ordinary people don’t have a library of factual information about the entire universe handy, we can’t tell which is which, and often get lead astray by a few words of ‘truth’ and begin a long slide into falsehood and trickery. It can happen to anyone and I nearly got caught up in it myself many years ago, but God rescued me just in time. When the people you’re around begin to act superior as they think they have amassed all this ‘knowledge’ and you are ‘simply an amateur or ‘new kid on the block’, beware. Real truth comes with real humility, not egotistic narcissism. Einstein and other true geniuses were actually very humble men.

The minor alien entities have no such compunctions about taking their time to convince people of anything and are much more crass and destructive in their approach. In fact, it makes them easier to recognize and ‘see’ that they are in the person or on the premises. However, if they get a grip on a person, many times, when they are being driven out they will call for help from a stronger entity. Sometimes they’re answered and help arrives and sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s always dangerous for the afflicted, the exorcist and the people who are assisting in the exorcism, because the stronger entity, being wiser, will hide as the people are fooled into hubris or arrogance into thinking the simple less experienced or less wise demon is the one they’re actually trying to remove.

It takes great discernment, humility and strength of character to completely submit to God’s guidance and direction in dealing with any form of demonic possession, even if it’s “just an object”. That’s difficult for any human being to accomplish. It truly does take living a life ‘for’ God, ‘with’ God and dedication ‘to’ God on an every minute, 24/7 basis.