What is a channeler? A person who receives information from the ‘other side’ psychically, in a trance, and either repeats it verbally or writes it down. There have been a few like Edgar Cayce who got their information directly from God or a sort of library of information (which is probably just the mind of God) called the Akashic Records, and a few who channeled entities they claimed were ‘Ascended Masters’, like “Seth Speaks” and “A Course in Miracles” and the “Urantia Book”, to name a few. Are they really ascended masters? I don’t know. Real information to me is verifiable and true. The information must be accurate and if it works, it should work every time and the work should last and prove out over time. But bear in mind that some people are very intelligent and don’t need to claim a ‘master’ wrote it, but are simply using their higher consciousness and perhaps, thinking it’s an entity other than themselves.

What I ‘can’ speak about is my experience with people who were snookered into channeling entities that were not who they said they were. They claimed grandiose identities from Abraham Lincoln to Cleopatra to Plato and on and on. Were they really any of those entities? Not in my experience so far and I can only speak to that. Why do I not trust those entities? Because they made big mistakes in their ‘knowledge’. Verifiable mistakes. They spoke out of context, had no real proof of what they were talking about and sometimes it was incredibly crude language that actually meant nothing at all. Flat out gibberish, sometimes. The real Sir Issac Newton or wouldn’t make a simple math mistake. And it’s not about what the channeler is or is not capable of. If that person is truly channeling someone like Newton, he’s in a trance so his own intelligence wouldn’t enter into the equation, literally. The channeled information, if real, would be complete and solidly literate and demonstrate many provable qualities of Issac Newton’s thought process and writing style, not sound like Galileo, DaVinci or Einstein mighta, coulda, shoulda wrote it. Anyway, I didn’t have to understand the work, I simply helped the channeler who came to me after other people told him he could have been channeling Bart Simpson for all the sense his writings made to them.

One of these conniving entities favorite tricks is to pretend to be one of God’s ‘guardian angels’ or even an Archangel, especially Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. I nearly fell for that one years ago when reading a channeled work supposedly written by Michael, but God exposed the lie and I was rescued by the Holy Spirit just in time. I never forgot the horror I felt as I realized how close I had come to becoming compromised. It was truly a wake up call.

I see ‘channeled’ writings all over the internet from “Archangel Michael”. It literally creeps me out as it only takes a few lines of reading to realize a lie, not that I’ve read them all, but I simply open the page and I ‘know’ they’re bupkis writings. Just because someone decided to call their son Archangel Michael doesn’t mean it’s THE Archangel Michael…you know the early church fathers warned people about the possibility that children born after Jesus in Nazareth were also being called Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is why they wrote the first exorcism ritual to state the Apostles Creed, etc. before commanding demons in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. They were taking no chances of the limits of Satan’s treachery. This would be good for you to remember.

Listen to the Holy Spirit, and you will know truth from fiction. If you don’t know how to listen, simply ask God to give you the discernment, understanding and to educate you in how to listen. You will always ‘know’ in your heart when something does not ring true. And if one thing does, it doesn’t mean the next thing will. Demons mix truth with lies all the time. They’re brilliant and very good at what they do. Don’t think you ‘know’ “this and that” are not lies. You have no idea what God knows or what Demons know or don’t know. To even think you do can be a serious trap. Humility is what protects you, misplaced Ego, however, is downright dangerous. Seeking wisdom so intently that you’re willing to ‘overlook’ a mistake as the channelers’ misinterpretation is a real trap too. Watch that you’re not your own worst enemy when it comes to embracing channeled wisdom as the ‘answer’ to everything you ever wanted to know. It rarely is.

These pesky entities make sure the ‘channeled wisdom” makes the channeler money too, so they will keep adding to their ‘revelations’ with their ‘channeling’ making more money and acquiring more and more ‘fans’. What a clever trap for people who once felt powerless over their circumstances! Suddenly you’re a celebrity and you’re rich. So it’s a double laced trap. When you realize the truth, you’re so far ‘into it’ you are scared to admit you’ve been completely fooled and through your hubris, have fooled hundreds or thousands of innocent people into accepting demonic influence into their lives as well. Very few people come clean at this point and admit the truth. They don’t want ruination or the embarrassment of admitting the truth. Sometimes they’re so compromised they’re nearly perfectly possessed by that point anyway and the demon won’t let them tell the truth. So beware of channeling any ‘entity’…it’s a long road to ruination, but a short road to losing your personal freedom and integrity.

One of my best friends was a medium, a channeler, who allowed “Ascended Masters” to speak through him. He said some were “angels” (they might have been but they weren’t the ‘good guy’ ones, nothing they ever told him was really accurate.). When he decided to become a minister, he ‘rebuffed’ those guides and they retaliated by attacking him physically. He began to be haunted day and night by these spirits that had gotten used to “living” through him. His life got very dark and in his loneliness and depression, he turned to drugs and alcohol attempting to find some mental peace. He had originally begun his practice as a medium to make living money, and after he became a minister, he found himself constantly living on the edge financially. So against my advice and even his own conscience, he called upon his spirit guides for help once more and went back to work as a medium and channeler. His guides treated him kindly for awhile and he prospered for a short time, but he was never really happy after that. He told me he had compromised his faith and integrity.

There’s a huge difference between ‘inspired writings’ and ‘channeled writings’. Inspired writings are always humble and always true. Channeled writings? Not so much. You need to read them with your eyes wide open and your mind questioning every word you read. If even one thing is untrue or proves false, the entire work itself is phony, and the channeler and anyone who believed the work was taken advantage of by something much smarter than they were.

And by the way, “channeled” does not mean ‘inspired’ as in the Bible…huge difference. Channeled can be anybody and they’re never right 100% of the time. Inspired means Guided, and in the case of the Bible, the writing is Guided by the Holy Spirit. That’s why it was true when written, still true now…and will remain true. It’s provable. Channeled writings are not.