Cursed and Negative Energy Objects

A cursed object is one that has had it’s own energy overwhelmed or removed and given a disruptive energy field instead. Often it is the intent of the true witch or sorcerer that determines what this energy field will disrupt so it can have it’s destructive effect on the ‘right’ situation of the person the curse is aimed at. They can target your finances, your love life, your health, relationships or your life itself.

A person ‘cursing’ an object cannot do it with their own personal power. Unless they are possessed in some way whether through intentionally inviting such possession or attach themselves to a power base through a ritual acceptance of the power of entities, natural or unnatural. For a cursed object to be truly dangerous it must embody an “alien” energy field or contain an energy field that is capable of causing destruction by it’s very presence. Which is why touching the object or bringing it into your home causes so many problems. The energy field of your home or person who touches the object begins to change and serious damage from one or more sources ‘inside’ the object is usually the result.

How is a cursed object ‘healed’? Sometimes it cannot be healed in a time frame that will help the person who touched it. It can be taken out of their ownership and either buried properly, (see DIY Instructions page, removal of cursed objects) or put in a museum or other safe building, placed in a covered container where it cannot be physically touched resting on blessed salt that will negate or at least control the energy field the object radiates.

The problem with cursed objects is that the objects are not ‘live’ or ‘alive’ but solid, material objects. This means that they cannot be easily healed. Where the ‘touch’ or ‘curse’ is placed on the object, where the molecular makeup of the object was first disturbed, could take many years to heal. Physical bodies heal much faster that a solid object. It’s better to contain and remove the object, then heal the damage done by the alien energy field to the people who came in contact with it or the house or property where the object was placed.

That can be achieved by the use of either natural or blessed methods, but it may take time to accomplish.

Curses that issue from one person to another can also be healed over time, by blessed methods, depending on the curse, who placed it, why and what they hoped to accomplish. Sometimes the person cursed can die before this is accomplished. Time is no factor to curses. They can outlast many lifetimes of the ordinary human being.