Energy Fields and Vortexes

How we think about the paranormal is something we must understand to see that we’ve been looking at this incorrectly to begin with. Knowledge has always been scarce in this regard, but science can really lend a hand here, specifically, physics and it’s progression of understanding and explaining many new found facts about energy fields and how they determine actions within the earth, above the ground and in the universe itself. Everything is connected to everything else.

My opinions are from experience and working with many different cultures over the years. Some cultures are close to the land, more aware of ‘energies’ other than ‘human’ or ‘divine’. They tend to observe nature a bit more than others and so they react differently to changes in their environment. Around the world I have found this to be true with tribal people, Eskimos, native American or people who basically live in rural areas that foster farming and ranching, or cultures that existed long before Christianity. They have many ways of ‘balancing’ natural energies that have been passed down for centuries. And many of their ideas and ways work very well. I’ve heard people call them ‘primitive’, but in the last few years science has backed up many of these ‘superstitious’ applications for balancing nature, and the elders who practice them are now regarded as ‘wise’ and ‘knowledgeable’ as they should have been long ago.

Most of the time an energy field on the surface is ‘off kilter’ it’s caused by a deep or shallow shift in the land itself, sometimes by movement deep within the earth, changing the course of an underground river or aquifer, which, at times, redistributes what type of mineral ore now rests under the surface, or even creates a sinkhole that has not yet opened to the surface.

Volcanic activity that is ‘unseen’ but still a change in the magma flow deep under the surface can also cause problems on the surface. Any change in the earth ‘wounds’ the earth, and until everything settles and a new energy field establishes itself, the earth attempts to heal itself from the wound by forming a ‘vortex’ of spinning energy. Similar to our body’s circulatory system revving up to send white cells, more blood and healing energy to a ‘inside the body’ wound we might incur, such as an ulcer, kidney stone, torn ligament or cracked bone. The body of the earth and our own body have a great deal in common in this way. We automatically rub a sore spot on our body to increase the circulation to bring healing blood flow and so does the earth. Everything in this universe seeks balance and harmony.

Let’s say you have a home that has an unusual amount of movement, cracks, creaks and moans. Does it mean it’s haunted? Not necessarily. At some point after the afflicted home was built, perhaps the land under the ground moved, or settled in such a way that the earth felt wounded. Or, perhaps it just took time for the energy from a deep ore deposit or movement in an underground river or aquifer begin to make an appearance near the surface, creating a different energy flow. This could cause the earth to create a vortex that rose upward like an upside down tornado, attempting to draw in the energy it needs to heal itself, just as we rub a painful area in our body in a circular motion. As the vortex rises through the surface ground, it would have to ‘go through’ the home as well as around it, perhaps even encompassing outlying buildings. As the vortex energy is drawn through the home down to the source of the deep wound, it will create pressure on any buildings or structures as well as trap or capture any weaker energies within the vortex, including those we still have no name for that may be trying to traverse it. If it’s a serious earth wound, the ‘spin’ of that vortex will increase according to the nature of the wound to allow a ‘resetting’ of the natural flow the earth is used to feeling.

What happened on that ground before it became deep earth? Did a natural spring, river, lake bed or part of an inland sea reside there? Was the land covered with trees and animal life or even a previous civilization? Did people or animals live and die on that land? What residual energies are coming to the surface with the vortex? It could be anything. Anywhere life existed, even if it was only on the surface of the land, something of the energy field of that life remains. The body of a living being is made of the earth. Therefore it has the same energy as the earth and when the spirit and soul leave the body, what is physical, such as the brain which is made up of common earth minerals, carbon molecules and electrical energy which houses the ordinary awareness of the being, remains, like radio waves that can exist for many years traveling through space, even though they cannot be not seen. This ‘awareness’, now dead, is not capable of conscious thought, but it’s ‘waves’ still house it’s imprinted memories and thoughts. This physical impression of a body is what people might see as a ‘ghost’ or imprint of the once living being. If any kind of ‘consciousness’ seems to be present, it is because the enhanced energy of the earth’s vortex has somehow enhanced and added to the energy waves once present in the brain by sweeping the fragments of the awareness of that mind up into the vortex created to heal the earth itself. The dead brain with it’s memories and stored thoughts can even at times seem to intelligently respond, but the truth is, any ‘conversation’ is at best a few words or a simple phrase as the totality of awareness is no longer present. Very little of the remnants of the once physical being remain, which is why any apparition of that being is never clear or solid, or in many cases, only a portion can be seen.

If that person, however, had entertained an intelligent entity or somehow one of the other unseen lifeforms we really don’t realize exist, or have no present name for had attached itself to that person before death, that entity may be able to use more than just a fragment to communicate and hold an intelligent conversation with you. If you experience this, be careful not to communicate with that entity. If you do, it will try to attach itself to a living body so that it can, once again, experience life through a solid body complete with the awareness and spiritual connections of a healthy person. This type of entity is called a ‘rider’, and it’s only concern is it’s continued use of a human’s life force in order to experience life in a way not normally available to it. This does not mean it is not dangerous. We all have only a certain amount of life force and we need all of it to remain healthy. If you invite this entity to use your life force, you will begin to weaken and slowly begin to die, just like the person it inhabited before you. Riders are viruses. They don’t want their host to die but the more of that life force they use, it is inevitable. Therefore, they must find another, while manipulating what they were able to salvage from you to convince another to host to volunteer. They stay alive by infecting a new host and by infesting that host, stay alive.

The vortex can give the swept up awareness the power to be able to ‘act’ a little bit because as the vortex tries to ‘heal’ the earth, it pulls together fragments of residual energy and combines them into what they ‘should be’. So what you have then is not a person, not a soul or spirit, but the remnant of the energetic consciousness of the mind, called the awareness, even though the body may have long decayed, the electric energy still exists and so it ‘seems’ alive, even though it is not life as we know it when we are truly alive. If that awareness energy is trapped in a small space through an event at death that exhibited a large amount of it’s own energy, perhaps a violent or shocking death, the awareness is more concentrated at the time of death and can remain intact a lot longer and give the impression that the soul and spirit of that person did not cross over. We are so used to connecting our intelligence with the soul and spirit, that we do not realize that the mind is separate from them. The mind lodges in the brain, the awareness is part of the mind and the brain is made of the earth. That’s why some of the awareness of the mind can still be present when the soul and spirit leave and the brain decays. In the Bible it says, As above, So below. If God is a Trinity of 3 expressions, then why would we not be also? We are ‘made in his image’…so to me that means we have that same 3 expressions, “intelligence”, flesh, power of spirit.”

Remodeling an old house can have the same effect as a wound in the land. If the house has been on the land for a long time, any damage to it can be classified as a wound and a vortex will issue up from the surface of the land. This is especially true if there is a basement. Basements, wells, even graves cause a wound in the land. That’s why basements nearly always have a vortex running through them and why they always seem to be the center of activity. This vortex can be stopped from coming through the house by sealing the basement from the energy of the vortex, causing the vortex to spread out and go around the building. At that point the phenomena caused by the vortex will stop as ‘replacement’ or ‘healing energy’ being pulled from the upper crust of the world in the area of the home or property will no longer be dragged downward from the surface. This also explains all the activity around a graveyard. How many holes is the earth trying to heal there? Many…

The important thing to understand is that you can put a protective shield around your home or property quite easily and keep the vortex moving through the land, but not your home or outlying buildings. Stop the vortex from interfering with your life and the life of those people and animals around you. This can all be accomplished by natural methods. I like to use God’s blessed items also as his power can heal everything much faster. The natural methods can deflect or curve the vortex outward or sometimes even in a different direction and even heal the land as well, but usually over time, perhaps more time than you want to deal with the process. Wouldn’t you rather enable the earth to heal faster? Then you don’t need to continue sealing the house from the vortex and you can relax.