What’s the difference between Ghosts, Poltergeists and ETs?

Let me be perfectly clear on one point. “Spirit attracts spirit.” If you have one, more will come. Please don’t ask me to exorcise ‘the bad spirits’ and leave the ‘good ones’. If you think you have bad spirits and good spirits, you are more than likely in personal trouble as the bad may be confusing and tricking you into thinking they’re ‘someone else’ like your friends or loved ones. They will drain your life force right out from underneath you as you ‘open’ to communication with them. As the ‘bad’ spirits, they drain you with fear, as the ‘good’ spirits, they trick you into giving them other emotional energy. You may want to think it’s the spirit of your lost loved one “watching over you”, but it isn’t. Your loved one may well be watching over you from heaven and finally got through to you to contact me or someone else who can truly help you as they see you being manipulated by a trickster.

Please don’t think a human ghost can or will talk to someone they didn’t know in life. What they did then, they can only do a part of now because their brain is no longer working and their ability to use their awareness of new circumstances doesn’t exist anymore. They do repetitive things, not new things. If they slammed doors when living, they might do it after they’re dead, but honestly, they don’t have the power to do that. Humans only have a small electrical field when alive. If you have doors slamming, it takes power to do that and honestly, a ghost doesn’t have that kind of power. What a ‘noisy’ ghost does have is another power source, a living entity, that is manipulating their image or behavior to trick you into thinking it’s just a harmless ghost. But it isn’t harmless. If it can slam a door, or move furniture, it can also push you down the stairs or throw objects at you or more.

The study of the paranormal is new, even though you may think it’s been around for a long time, what we’ve learned over the years changes all the time as we learn more about the field of study. Many old writings are terribly outdated and like old opinions about the earth once held by everyone in the dark ages, people have to realize that what was once cutting edge is now seriously passe and ‘old thinking’. It’s like software or tech, it changes everyday. Let go of all those outdated opinions and look at everything with new eyes. Once a human dies, they’re dead to new intelligent thought or powerful actions that they were capable when alive. There are many entities around us all the time that we don’t see. They learn a lot about us while we’re living and can certainly mimic our behavior or even how we looked once we’re gone. Quit letting them fool you into thinking it’s the ghost of someone you know or even someone you didn’t know. They just want attention and if you give it to them they can certainly use it against you, because then you’ve ‘given permission’ for them to be in your life.

A poltergeist is a manifestation of energy or an energy form, usually an intelligent entity, that causes paranormal activity around a home, building or person. They are sometimes thought to be ‘originated’ by human thought into a ‘thought-form’, by deep desire for power or companionship, or an electrical or electromagnetic energy field that is either nearby the home, above ground, coming from under the ground and passing ‘through’ the home, or originated by the house itself if the wiring is old or something is wrong with it. Some people say poltergeist activity is generated by a person going through puberty or an entity whose energy field is particularly strong. I’m not sure I agree with the puberty idea because people, personally, have no electrical energy field or ‘thought’ field powerful enough to move objects. It’s more common at that, at a young age people become more curious about life and the universe around them and many times open doorways and portals to other dimensions inadvertently as their personal energy changes when more hormones emerge. There are entities that exist that feed off emotional energy, and this is a much more common happening as hormone changes bring large emotional energy changes to any individual.

In my experience, poltergeist activity is more commonly present if there is a cursed object or actual non-human entity in the home or on the property. The cursed object is cursed either because a demon or other intelligent entity was given permission to abide in it, or someone ‘made’ it into a cursed object through a ‘ritual’ using their intention to harm someone or some thing. To do that the practitioner must draw power from an energy field that is capable of destroying or damaging life, like a demon or lesser god or other unknown-at this time-powerful entity. The main energy field for that type of power usually resides with entities that originate either in a universe or dimension reversed or vastly different from the one we live in or they are capable of manipulating energy beyond what we normally understand unless we’re in a physics laboratory. The common ‘known’ entities very capable of this are demons, Djinn, beings that live in the Astral layers or dimensions, entities from other dimensions or perhaps other worlds, and nature spirits known by many different names, depending on someone’s belief (spiritual or religious) system.

ETs or Extraterrestrials 
I believe a true ET is an alien life form or being not originally from this Earth, but a legitimate life form alive and living in this or any other matter driven Universe. Whether we recognize or not, it is still and made of matter. It may be corporeal, something we can actually see with our eyes, or not. We don’t know all the forms of matter that exist in this universe at this time, nor do we know how to manipulate energy fields the way that perhaps another life form can. The problem I have is the term ‘alien’. The term itself is used so many different ways that it’s incredibly confusing when trying to talk about either an ‘alien’ from another country, an ‘alien’ from another planet, or an ‘alien’ from another universe completely. We really need to find another way to describe what we are talking about. Constantly having to define ‘what we mean’ “this time” is exhausting and if the person we’re talking to isn’t quite paying attention, they assume that we mean ETs instead of demons, Djinn or angels or whatever actually exists that we have some knowledge of personally. The list of different names is a mile long for ETs, and similarly so for demons, angels and other life forms.

A true ET ‘alien’ is not a demon. BUT, I believe that ALL Demons, Lucifer and Satan are ‘alien’ even to this universe itself. I believe they come from an overlapping universe, perhaps made of antimatter or something we’re not aware of at this time. The reason I believe that is that wherever a demon touches something in this world, the normal energy of whatever is touched is corrupted. In Chinese medicine, they would say that it reverses the meridian, or life flow of ‘normal’ energies of the person, other living being or even an object. When that happens, whether the energy is blocked, or reversed in some way, the body begins to lose it’s harmony and becomes sick.

If a demon enters into an object, that object, when touched by a human being or other life form, literally causes an energy disruption in the flow of energy in whatever touches it. That’s why cursed objects can severely damage anyone who touches them or brings them into their home. Even if the area affected by the demon is inside the object, it will begin to reverse the energy flow of the home. Literally, the home begins a slow metamorphosis into either one or more dimensions better suited for the demon to exist within, and that’s how a portal is opened. The things of earth are not meant to exist, literally, and at the same time, in multiple dimensions without a barrier keeping the energies of each dimension separate. Anytime it attempts to do so the energy field generated becomes unhealthy for any and all life forms living within it. The object must be removed properly and the dimensional doorway closed. In my experience, only Exorcised Salt, Water and Oil can accomplish this quickly as it removes the demonic energy by shutting it down immediately as the crystalline structure of the Salt, Water and Oil is literally scientifically proven to have been enhanced by prayer. Using them properly, the dimensional phasing can be closed either by ritual or other means of resetting the energy to the natural flow and proper polarity of this matter-driven universe.

Matter and Antimatter cannot exist in the same place at the same time without exploding, So, if what I believe is true, what keeps the two universes from colliding and exploding? A photon or “light” barrier. I will write much more about that and multiple dimensions on another future page titled ‘Overlapping Universes”. The first words God is recorded as saying are, “Let there be light.” So my belief is, if you’re wondering ‘where’ God’s power is, it’s in the light itself. The photons that permeate the universe. The flowing ‘river’ of life. Without light, without photons, nothing can grow, live or nourish. At the inner core of a black hole, Japanese physicists found a very dense grouping of photons. Why are they there? My theory is that it keeps the black hole from penetrating the antimatter or opposing universe. Just my opinion, but until someone comes up with something better, it works for me.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.
Romans 13:12



A Ghost is an energy manifestation left by the death of a living being, plant, animal, etc. that was once alive. It is not intelligent, it is ‘not’ friendly, it simply is what it is. A fragment of the deceased person’s energy field that has not yet dissipated.

“Never” ask questions or antagonize what you think may be simple ghosts like you see people do on TVYou can seriously insult or anger a Djinn or demon and not realize what you just let yourself in for. Also, there are other entities in the cosmos…so be careful. The “voice” or “sound” of any person who was once alive is known and used by demonic entities and other pests all the time to the unwary who don’t realize that ghosts don’t really talk at all. The truth is, you really don’t know ‘what or who’ you’re dealing with. Is it an echo of a long passed human being or is it a sly entity setting a trap? My money’s on the trap.

I meet people all the time who ask me to exorcise their home or property, but then tell me, “There are some friendly and good spirits here we don’t want exorcised.” When I hear that, I immediately know they have been compromised by trickery. They don’t realize it, but an entity that is intelligent is not the ghost of a human. No human ghost is intelligent. By our very nature, and the fact that humans have a soul that passes on, all that can remain is a snippet of their physical essence – which only repeats actions or sayings that it had when it was alive as it can have no further experiences. If, and this is very rare, the soul is still present, it is possessed or held here by an entity who has not had it’s fill of fun with the poor human caught up in it’s clutches. I believe all human souls have the right to freedom after death. They don’t need to be tortured endlessly by a possessive entity, and that includes manipulated by other humans who may perform spells or sorcery designed to do exactly that.

The after-death ‘essence’ is what I call or refer to as the electrical emissions of the human brain (random thoughts, speech, etc.) that may remain as disconnected bits of energy left in the magnetic field of the Earth usually after an untimely or violent death until dissipated over time. These ‘bits and pieces of energy, now separated from the brain and therefore unable to form conscious or subconscious thought, of an individual may be trapped by an energy field, but the spirit/soul/true essence has gone to heaven or to the void to reincarnate, depending on your beliefs.

This physical essence remainder of a person can be manipulated by any demon, whether they are ‘powerful’ or the most simple demon. Many times people can attract a demon while alive and when the person dies, the demon ‘corrals’ the bits and pieces of the remnants of that person’s consciousness to ‘use’ for his own purposes. This is how even a ‘simple demon’ can mimic an ‘intelligent’ haunting, making people think that a ghost is actually interacting with them. Lesser demons can emit such a small ‘energy signature’ that only a true ‘seer’ will know they are there and know it isn’t a ghost at all. Don’t get sucked into directly addressing a demon unawares because you see people doing that on television and you think it’s the thing to do. Directly addressing a demon or any intelligent entity is an invitation! Demons are smart enough to allow people to get away with it so innocent people will be drawn into the trap. But one day the people engaged in this activity may indeed have a rude awakening.

Many ghost hunters and investigators get attacked, sick and injured, and this is why. You can use scientific equipment to investigate all you want, but don’t touch anything on the premises without gloves sprayed with Holy Water, and don’t speak to these supposed ghosts. You may pick up fragments of human speech left in the atmosphere, but you don’t need to ask a question to record that. Any intelligent answer to an actual question is not a human ghost and any name you hear after asking for a name is either the name of the person who the demon, Djinn or other entity collected bits of, or he’s lying. Either way, you cannot help anyone pass over that has already passed over. You’re simply being tricked into thinking you are. If you really want to help them ‘pass over’, get rid of the entity holding their essence here.

By forcing (exorcising) the demon to let go of the bits of human energy he’s holding onto, you’re simply allowing that “left-behind” energy to join the spirit and soul already with God. That’s why when mediums think they’re helping someone ‘pass-over”, and they see a light, it’s the opening for the ‘freed’ energy to rise up and join it’s totality. No soul or spirit of a human being is stuck or trapped in this earth field for long unless it had a curse that allowed an entity to ‘attach itself’ to it, or accepted possession while alive. To free the spirit and soul takes true exorcism as they must be freed from that possession before they can join God. You cannot fight evil with evil, you cannot defeat darkness with darkness; Satan cannot cast himself out

So pay attention and don’t pick things up when you ‘think’ they might be cursed or spirit possessed without properly protecting yourself. Use a ‘grabber’ doused in Holy Water and toss it into a large, moving river, or place the object in a blessed white bag without touching it. Place exorcised salt in the bag and bless the outside with exorcised oil. Tie the bag and bless it as I tell you on “handling cursed objects” on my DIY page. Then bury the item with Exorcised Salt sprinkled above and below it on public land or hallowed ground. Never on your own property. That evil energy will come right back at you otherwise. I am telling you the truth. You want to be free of that evil? Listen to what I am telling you and follow my instructions exactly.

You simply do not see what many of the individuals appearing on TV do to ‘cleanse’ themselves’ and ‘heal themselves’ when the cameras are off. So don’t think that ‘what you see is what you get’. A great deal is left off simply because TV does not embrace “spiritual” teaching as a rule. Many producers simply do not want to alienate their ‘secular’ audience or people of other faiths than Christian, so they let you think it’s ok to wander around haunted areas with all kinds of equipment acting silly with no protection for your body or soul. It’s a travesty and has cost many innocent people dearly. The reason I know this is that I’ve been called in to help many ghost hunters regain their health, peace of mind and quality of life over the years. They’re getting better on some channels, but it would be excellent if you were shown and told by the TV ghost hunters how they really protect and cleanse themselves. Many new groups have no idea, really. They say a few simple prayers and go in, or say some ‘white light’ mantra that means nothing to a real demon or Djinn. Whether you are a psychic, medium, shaman, or whatever aspect you envision for yourself, use the proper protection. Demons, Djinn and many other life forms existed long before the ‘new age’ of metaphysics.

We’ve only been on the earth for a short time compared to these entities. To think we know anything about how to ‘scare’ them is the height of hubris. Time means nothing to these entities. They’re incredibly brilliant and think we’re idiots. Don’t be a hot lunch 30 years from now because you ‘think’ you know what you’re doing. You have no idea what you’re setting yourself up for in the long run.

As live humans we actually have no esoteric power, nor do we after death. If a spirit that you think is a human ghost manipulates things or talks to you, he or she is getting the power to do so from a “power source”. If it’s a loved one who recently passed, there are times when God gives that spirit the ability to pass a message to you, but it is will be short and sweet, literally. An old letter might be pointed out, or a key found that you were searching for, or a feeling of love or warmth when you needed it most. But they’re not going to be around chatting you up. So if that happens, or you think they’ve taken up residence in granny’s old rocking chair, think again.

A human spirit can only manifest partially, if at all, if it is using an energy field that exists within the house generated by power lines, faulty electricity in the building or from a vortex in the earth passing through the house, or they may be getting their power to speak from an entity that has power to spare. If it is the latter, you will soon be tricked into talking to this spirit again and again until they have your trust. Then they will strike. So basically, you’re not talking to a ghost at all, even in the beginning.

A ghost voice is a ‘recording’ of what a living being said while alive. If they were living in an energy field that trapped their sound, it can be replayed again and again or even appear to speak intelligently, to a point. Most EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) are fairly distorted unless they’re a ‘recording’ of something a live being said while alive. The problem is that since most EVPs are distorted, when the “voice” seems to be “intelligent”, but hard to understand or recognize as human, or even if it’s incredibly clear, you need to realize that it may not a human ‘ghost’ at all, but something else.

I’ve heard Evps that were plainly – to me – demonic, but had people insist the voice (that sounded hoarse, raspy and nearly growling) was a little girl, a woman or a man. They’ll say, “There’s electromagnetic interference because it doesn’t have enough power to speak plainly.” Please, people, that is so ‘not true’.

A human voice that is still audible with today’s equipment exists in the atmosphere like a radio broadcast made a long time ago. Most human voices that are indeed residual are very clear and there is no doubt the voice is human or sounds human. Human voices are like a radio channel that has projected into the electromagnetic field present in the air. But when you experience an intelligent conversation, answering your questions, there is another powerful entity or energy field present. Please think about what I am saying. I have been studying electromagnetic phenomena and operating radios and other communications equipment for many years. Once you actually hear a demon talk during an exorcism, you will quickly know the difference and hear them brag about how they trick people into thinking they’re family or friends or humans that are ‘lost’. They literally laugh about it.

Are demons the only beings that live in ‘reverse’ universes or dimensions near us? We really don’t know. And that’s the problem, isn’t it. For example, Djinn exist. Where do they come from? See Djinn below. But they do exist and they can be very destructive and at other times, seem perfectly innocent and even be loyal and kind. They aren’t demons but they can be very dangerous as exorcism rarely works on them. Dealing with them takes a lot of knowledge and determination. We actually know very little about them. But there are demons that pretend to be Djinn, just like they pretend and lie about everything else.

What I am telling you about Ghosts is true. What you need to do if you actually “hear” a spirit talk or have ‘ghostly actions’ making your life difficult, is to get rid of the problems present in the energy field around your home by healing the field and restoring the energy flow to the proper motion, clockwise in the Northern hemisphere, counterclockwise in the Southern hemisphere. Stop the vortex and seal it shut from coming through your home or property. It may be a natural vortex caused by a “wound” in the land, a cursed object, a problem with the wiring, from a demonic source, or any number of things, but it is never from a human ghost. To be able to do this takes the correct spiritual weapons and the proper spiritual ritual. See my DIY page for full instructions. I have not included any spiritual rituals, as all situations are different, and what I do is not witchcraft to be written like a spell in a book. I only know what to do as God instructs me minute by minute.



Rosemary Allen Guiley has recently published a very informative book about the Djinn. I would also like to refer you to that.

The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities”   you  can find this book on Amazon, B&N or any other bookstore.

I’ve encountered Djinn only infrequently in my career, but I can honestly tell you, be careful here. It’s not all happy happy joy joy. They’re smart and they’re tough and if they ‘have a cause’, they’re extremely dangerous. So tread cautiously and don’t even try to threaten them. They can easily throw you against a wall. Religious provocation should never be used either.

The Djinn I encountered that was the most dangerous threatened the life and sanity of a Veteran who had returned from the Middle East with ‘trophies’. It took several years to free up himself and his family, and that only after returning the trophies to sacred ground, as well serious deliverance prayer and major change of lifestyle.