My Personal Story and Why I Built This Site

I grew up in a haunted house on a farm and ranch in North Dakota. Two ghosts of the people had originally built our house and lived in it for years, decided to stay on after passing away. Even though, when still alive, they had moved and sold the house to my father, they came back after death and had no intention of leaving. They did no harm, but they certainly scared us silly walking around night after night, up the stairs, down the stairs and past my bed into the closet. It was unnerving to say the least, not only for me but my sisters and parents as well. We rarely hosted ‘sleep-overs’ without incident and often our friends called their fathers and demanded they come to ‘get them’ and take them home, or simply never stayed at our house again overnight.

I remember my mother at times walking around the house at night reading the Bible out loud just to calm things down and afterwards many of the disturbances would stop, at least for the remainder of that evening. I used to lay in my bed shaking with fear, wondering why the ghosts had to wait until evening to begin moving around. I was angry and scared all the time and hated going to bed or even going to the basement to do laundry during the day! There was never any ‘peace’ in that house once the sun went down, and the basement was always frightening unless my dad was down there. For whatever reason, nothing ever happened when my dad was home and awake, but only if he was out of the house or asleep. Knowing what I do now, I realize they didn’t want to make their presence known to him as he wouldn’t have stood for that nonsense and as a strong man of deep faith, would have ‘barred the door’ and thrown them out of their abode forever. Since nothing ever happened to him, he thought we were all ‘just being silly’…and rejected our stories as ‘our imagination running away with us’.

Like so many others, perhaps even those of you reading this, my sisters and I felt helpless to stop the constant haunting. Perhaps it’s what drove me to dedicate myself to spiritual warfare; in fact, actually, I know it is what began my search for answers.

After many years of God’s patient instruction, personal and formal study as well as assisting Catholic exorcists and Protestant ministers, I began to understand the totality of what we had been dealing with all those years. I accepted my Religious Calling and dedicated myself to God’s service and acquired additional gifts of the Holy Spirit, through a Formal, hands-on Prayer for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, Healing and Interpretation, as well as Discernment, and realized that I was to use my gifts dedicated to Spiritual Warfare. In the beginning, I was only called upon to assist in one or two preternatural (demonic) situations a year, but within ten years of constant study, my knowledge of the paranormal and metaphysical world was in serious demand and the calls for consultation as a Charismatic and help through my studies and experience came from all churches on a constant basis at all times of day and night from all over the world.

My gift as a Charismatic began after my baptism as a very small child. I was totally dedicated to God, knowingly, from the time I was two years old, still a baby in my crib. My parents were in the living room right off their bedroom where I was sleeping, practicing hymns for the next Sunday service. The door was cracked open a bit, so my mother could hear me if I awakened. A bit of light from the living room lamp shone over the top corner of the door, reflecting on the top of the wall where it met the ceiling. As a baby, I did not understand those incidentals. I simply woke up, saw the light shining above me and knew it was God. I just ‘knew’ it, knew I was completely safe, loved by him, and knew that I loved him also. I remember smiling at him as I went back to sleep. I never forgot that moment and have never wavered in my love for him all these years.

It wasn’t until I met my maternal grandmother that I learned that being a ‘Seer’ as the Spirit led Pentecostals refer to it, or Religious Charismatic, as it’s known in the Catholic Church, and being devoted to God and his service from birth and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was a gift passed down our family line through many generations. It was also a ‘family thing’ to be church caretakers and staunch supporters.

I was brought up Lutheran, as our family had migrated North in Europe centuries ago to Norway, and had been there when the Martin Luther Reformation had taken place. But at the age of five, I attended St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on St. Patrick’s Day as my little sister, Vicki, was being born. My mother and my little sister were in difficulty during the delivery, and the family I was staying with in Dickinson was Catholic and took me to church with them that night to pray for their health and welfare.

It was an evening candlelight service and I was amazed as I looked up and saw the statue of St. Mary glistening in the candlelight in front of me. I had never seen a statue before, so I didn’t realize what I was looking at. To me, she was real, especially so, because at one point I saw her head turn slightly and smile at me. I loved her at that moment with all the love a little child can hold in their heart, and that love has never left me.

My mother and my little sister survived and came home a week later, and I knew that the beautiful lady had helped them come back to us. When I told the people who had brought me to St. Patricks about my experience, they told me that the statue was of baby Jesus’s Mother. I loved her even more then.

 After that experience, I never felt quite fulfilled in the Lutheran Church because they didn’t understand why I was so devoted to Mary. I wanted to join the Catholic Church, but my parents wouldn’t allow it, even though I found a way to attend every chance I got.

I attended many different Christian churches throughout my teenage years, including the Assembly of God, where my dad’s cousins went, and I really loved it also. It was there that the Holy Spirit really moved upon me and I received the formal Baptism of the Holy Spirit. After studying Spiritual Warfare there for several years, I was once again yearning for the Catholic Church and the incredible love and need I had inside to be closer to the Blessed Virgin.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, and at that point being of age to make my choices based in reason and logic, I finally settled on the Maronite Catholic Church, a Traditional Catholic Church founded on the Church of Antioch that St. Peter began as his first church. Their mass is still said in Syriac Aramaic and the service is one of the most spiritually powerful I’ve ever attended.

I do attend, services in Roman Catholic Churches, as the Maronite Church also follows Rome, Protestant Christian churches when I am invited to speak, and I work constantly with Pastors from many Spirit Filled and Pentecostal churches as well. Any church devoted to God – as in the Trinity, The Father, The Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit, in truth, is my favorite place to be. I am a Catholic layman, but I am also a ‘Born Again Christian’ layman.

 Exorcism is not a sacrament in the Catholic Church. It is a ‘sacramental’ based on apostolic teachings and the writings of the early church fathers. It is a rite that can be performed by any Christian person, believers in Jesus Christ, with his permission per his own words in the Gospel.

However, in the Catholic Church, exorcists duly appointed by a Bishop to carry that burden also carry the power of the entire Catholic Church behind them and that is called Public Prayer. Any other priest or layman does not and that is called Private Prayer. 

I do not perform exorcisms, only Deliverance over people as laymen in the Catholic Church are not approved to perform personal exorcisms because excesses and dangerous practices were sometimes used by untrained laymen in the early years of the Christian church and written about by the church fathers, who first disallowed the practice. I agree with their decision.

Ministers, pastors and priests who are trained and duly appointed as exorcists find it extremely difficult and dangerous to perform at times and a layman can quickly find themselves overwhelmed and in terrible danger. In fact, some exorcists have lost their lives attempting to exorcise the devil.

I do, however, perform exorcisms over homes and buildings using the Exorcism Rite approved for use by Catholic laymen by Pope Leo Xlll, May 18, 1890. The right to use this Rite has never been revoked by a later Pope, so it is still legal to use, even though a bit frowned upon, so I use it very sparingly. I have actually used it only a few times, and then because someone quite ill, the elderly or small children were at risk. I will also perform exorcisms over property if animals or pets are sick or dying as a result of demonic infestation or oppression is being applied to their owners to exhaust them through their grief.

I am a legally ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. It is a non-denominational ‘secular’ church, but legally accepted by all 50 States. Following all necessary requirements, I am a  ‘registered’ Minister ‘In Good Standing’ with the County Clerk of Sacramento County, CA, which allows me to function as a legal minister throughout the United States.

I applied for the ordination the ULC offers to legally be able to hold all communications with my clients private and confidential as a member of authorized and registered clergy. Since my ordination is not by the apostolic ‘laying on of hands’, nor do I pretend it does, my ‘ordination’ does not interfere with my affiliation with the Catholic Church. I can legally marry someone and sign their marriage certificate, but so can the Captain of a ship or a Justice of the Peace. I can baptize someone, but so can any Christian.

I choose not to perform “sacraments” as I feel that those are for clergy ordained by the laying on of hands, passing along the authority of Christ apostolically, although there is an accepted rule that some sacraments, such as communion, may be administered by a Christian layman in an emergency situation. This is upheld by all Christian churches I am familiar with. I have distributed communion in an emergency, literally following the Gospel, not a specific formal rite of any particular Church liturgy, but doing so “In remembrance of Me”, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the Cross according to His stated wishes at the Last Supper. I do not perform other sacraments relegated specifically to ordained Priests or Ministers.

Any Salt, Oil or Water I send out is exorcised by a duly appointed Roman Catholic exorcist. All other sacramentals, rosaries, etc., are blessed by legitimately ordained Catholic Priests or the exorcist himself. I never charge for what I send out. I only ask for actual postage. If you choose to donate, that is your choice and is appreciated as my ministry is a family funded Apostulate.


Why Did I Build This Site?

Through my accumulated knowledge and many years of study through tutoring by pastors, both Catholic and Protestant, in the field of theology, exorcism and deliverance, as well as formal college and self education in the fields of science, physics, psychology, anthropology, metaphysics, religions, cultures, symbols, rituals, and specific forms of ‘magical’ or ‘power’ mystery schools and related groups of that expression, witchcraft and sorcery tactics of many lands and beliefs, and Eastern thought and religions, God and I working together have helped many people to reclaim their lives.

In 2013 God asked me to build this website so with his help I could assist as many people as possible to heal from the wounds of the enemy, regain their personal freedom of thought and control over their own lives to be able to make their own choices. No matter how far gone you think you are, God really does listen, care deeply and love you and is always there to help you regain your life if you cannot do it yourself so that you can return to him with logic and reason as your companions.

I have listed instructions, prayers, blessings and a lot of information on these pages for you to read and use if you believe that’s the right approach for you. But please proceed with caution. Not all things are what they seem or as harmless as you may think they are.

Please use discretion in your actions and do not use the DIY instructions if you have been drinking, using medication that alters your thinking, illegal drugs, or if you are in any way impaired mentally. It takes great physical and spiritual strength as well as mental lucidity (having your wits about you) to handle nearly all “real” paranormal situations.

I wish I could say the paranormal isn’t real or that somehow it’s not going to hurt you if you don’t believe in it, but I think you and I both know that isn’t true. The paranormal is real and it’s also a part of everyone’s daily life. As long as we’re living a good life and watching what we involve ourselves in, encountering the paranormal might not be a daily occurrence for some people. But for other people who are more aware on many other mental levels, the paranormal is something they deal with everyday.

We all encounter the paranormal sometimes and if we do not realize it’s a part of our normal life and learn as much as possible about it, just as we learn about the ‘life’ we can see and feel, the lack of knowledge and understanding can seriously affect people, causing fear and a type of mental shock in every facet of our lives.

I think it’s best if you simply learn what does exist in this world and universe and come to terms with the fact that what we know at this time as natural and what we encounter and think is supernatural are simply different expressions of energy that are both existing at the same time. Once we come to terms about the truth of forms of energy we are only now scientifically proving to exist and how to deal with it, we are better prepared to live in this world without fear.

Paranormal activity is simply energy moving in a way we’re not used to in our ordinary daily life, but the “perceived” implications are quite another and can last for many years in someone’s memory or even alter their outlook on life and hold them back from achieving greatness in their life.

Sleeping with the lights on every night can hurt the body’s ability to truly rest. Being afraid of what’s in the closet can cause nightmares for years. Being unable to be in certain rooms of the house without great experiencing great fear limits one’s ability to deal with everyday life, because once you allow yourself to hide from a challenge, it can become a habit you carry with you and keep you from having the life you want or achieving the goals you truly desire for your future.

The truth is that we know very little about the abilities of our sense awareness as human beings and even less about true way energy moves in this universe. Everything we ‘think’ we know is relative to our knowledge and understanding of this time and space, which actually means we know only a small percentage of what really exists in this universe. We are as children stumbling around, trying to figure out our world.

There are new revelations every day in nearly every field of science, psychology as well as physics, metaphysics and the biological sciences. Is it so inconceivable to realize that in fact, we know little or nothing at all about true reality or what is actually possible in this universe? No. It’s better to realize how ignorant we really are than to think, in our hubris, that we have it all figured out. Humility costs nothing; hubris can cost you your reputation, your friends, family and even your life.

We must apply that thinking to the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of reality as well. Why does ‘real’ magic exist and why are dark rituals that create curses or complete works of sorcery effective and powerful? Why do miracles exist and unexplained things happen all the time? I don’t know the answer to all those questions, but God does, and he’s taught me a great deal throughout the years.

The Bible deals with spirituality, the good, and the bad, and how our behavior and thinking about those two aspects can influence our lives. What it does not explain is nature itself, how God created it and how it works on the many levels of energy and the totality of God’s creation. I can’t say that I truly understand it all right now, but God does and knows that we are now at the point where we need to know more so that we can live without so much fear. Since he created it all, he understands how it works and how we, as ordinary people are mis-perceiving his creation as we are moving forward mentally.

Just like people once feared dragons at the end of the horizon as they looked at the ocean, so we look at the edge of the horizon of our understanding of what our senses now tell us is out there. What is past that horizon is not to be feared, simply respected, and as we move forward as a human species, we must ‘see’, not only with our eyes but with the totality of our minds; not close down in fear.

I’ve spent my entire life studying what God has placed in front of me and am sharing as much of my knowledge as I can explain with logic and reason for the first time in print. Are there ‘bad’ things that we will encounter? Yes. But truly, most of it is good, and God is an excellent guide and protector.

Were you to travel around the world, you would see many new things, some bad, but most of it good and some of it very good indeed. What we ‘see’ that is around us is no different in it’s goodness or than what we do not ‘see’, but experience through the energy senses of our body.

God wants to educate us and lead us through that valley as our ever present shepherd, watching over us as a loving parent would guide their blind child, steering us away from stepping into holes, touching that which could hurt us, or guiding us around obstacles and backing away from that which would harm us. We think we’re blind, but he is showing us how to ‘see’ clearly the ‘rest’ of his creation. To follow God is to trust him implicitly as our guide, and he never lets us down.

I believe in God’s ability to guide me through the obstacles of my own thinking, lack of understanding, being human and living fully on this Earth. He’s done a wonderful job of it so far and I have complete faith that He will continue to do so. I may not always trust my own brain’s judgment or knowledge, but I always trust God. He has never failed me. I’ve learned to take this journey one step at a time so that I can fully understand his teaching about each thing I encounter. That is the meaning of true patience and faith. Our minds always want to jump to our own conclusions about things, but that is foolish as we are children stepping into the light of this new knowledge. We must Trust God as the true Father he really is.

Trust is Faith and Faith is Trust. The Light of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit illuminates the path through the Shadow of Valley of Death we all walk every day. Walk gently, be kind, love those who God brings to you and above all, treat yourself with respect and love.

Don’t judge too harshly because it can give the devil, who does exist, power over you if you are incorrect in your assessment. God will forgive and forget your mistakes if you are truly penitent, but the devil never forgets and will use your words and actions to accuse you before God. He will also use it as an excuse to pursue and oppress you many years later when even you have forgotten the incident.

Unconfessed sin can make you your own worst enemy!