Natural Cleansing Methods

NOTE: If anyone is being physically attacked, scratched, bitten, or terrorized by apparitions that appear as black shadows, or if religious articles are being moved about, do not attempt to employ these methods to cleanse your home. Contact me instead. That is ‘Not’ a Natural occurrence.

Many times people aren’t consciously aware of exactly ‘when’ natural ‘energy’ problems begin to manifest in the home or property. Little things happen at first; things that don’t draw attention to themselves. Women usually notice a vague sense of unease, things not being ‘quite right’ in the home or even outside around the home, while men tend to only notice things that directly affect something they’re working with, a tool, electrical switches malfunctioning, light bulbs burning out or even ‘flaring too bright’ a little too often, intermittent radio or TV interference that ‘shouldn’t be happening’ or the shower temp suddenly changing for ‘no good reason’. All these things, in the beginning are chalked up to coincidence or ‘electrical’ or ‘plumbing’ problems, and people tend to say, “I guess” it’s just coincidence or it’s an old house” a lot when asking me about these things.

And the truth is, many times it’s exactly that. Bad or outdated wiring, land movement that loosens connections with outlets or even plumbing pipes, etc., cracks in the foundation or the house itself goes off square and cracks develop near the corners and fittings of the home structure itself. Most people either check and repair things themselves the best they can or they call an electrician, plumber or handyman to address the problem. Noises in the attic or in the walls might be insects or even a small animal or rodent, so they call an exterminator or house inspector to get to the bottom of it.

The problems begin to attract real attention after these repair people are called and things are repaired, fixed, adjusted, billed and paid, but the symptoms (noises, bangs, odors, insect infestations, stains on the walls, etc.) don’t stop. Sometimes it gets worse and the adults, children and pets in the home begin to become ill, or get a sense of unease…a more constant feeling of being watched or observed, followed, hear sounds of footsteps, or feel deliberately stalked.

Sometimes these symptoms are localized as seeming to ‘group’ in one room or area of the home, other times they can be throughout the house. Things can go missing for no reason, especially metal things like keys, wrenches, screwdrivers, jewelry, pens, pencils, kitchen utensils, and then they simply ‘reappear’ somewhere else. This is called “apportation” and it can be quite disconcerting; for example, your meat fork disappears from the stove and reappears on the table. You would never put a dirty meat fork on the table and you know it, yet there it is, or worse yet, it reappears in the living room near the TV or even in the bathroom near an electrical outlet. “Now how did that get there?” you ask yourself. “I know it was in the kitchen!” and invariably, your next thought is, “I must be going crazy!”.

Next, you begin to “catch” things out of the corner of your eye…little things, movements of what? Shadows? Flickers of light? Flashes of ‘something’? You really have no idea what you’re seeing, but somewhere in your gut you know it’s ‘just not right’. There’s no good reason for it to be happening…and again, you blame yourself. “My imagination is running away with me…I’m feeling creepy for no reason…this is stupid and I’m stupid for worrying about it…How could I be so silly or so dumb.” People also tend to think they’re just being superstitious. I hear that a lot too, usually from their friends or family. What they’re really telling me is that ‘they’ don’t know what it is, therefore, it must be nothing, when in fact, it’s usually something they’re just trying to ignore on a higher level of their own consciousness they’re afraid to look at themselves.

What most people don’t realize is that all these things can be caused by natural energy imbalances in the land itself or by a cursed or haunted object. If it’s the land, and a vortex or ‘portal’ has developed from an imbalance under the earth, natural methods can be used. If it’s an object, it can be removed and natural methods employed to negate any residual energy in the home, on the land and other buildings and property.

The one important thing is that by using these natural methods, you can find out if it is a natural problem or not. If it’s natural, things will stop or quiet down. If it’s unnatural, like a cursed object or worse, things will continue the same, sometimes amp up, but most of the time, they won’t. They’ll just continue to hang around and irritate you. At that point, you need to move to the DIY Instructions page. Stronger methods are needed, especially if, at any time, the happenings seem to be intelligently guided..

Natural products you can use.

These are the products commonly used to clear or clean the negative energy from your home or property. Bear in mind that none of these remedies have anything to do with witchcraft as you think of it. These are natural cleansers. Witchcraft adds spells to ’empower’ the use of these items or the practitioner performs a ritual over them before using. I do neither. They’re good just the way they were created.

1. Salt: It can be sprinkled around the house or other buildings, left for a few hours and then vacuumed or swept up and thrown away, or even buried, preferably off the property. It’s important to not dispose of that salt on your property.

2. Sage: I use prairie sage, such as New Mexico sage for this purpose. It has a milder smell than white sage, and I find white sage is difficult for many people who have allergies, asthma or COPD to be around at all. Even though the prairie sage is quite mild, I would remove anyone from the area being saged until you can air out the building.

Move in a clockwise fashion beginning upstairs from your stairway. Do each floor in succession and finish at your front door, then seal the door with oil in the sign of the cross (+).

If witchcraft was used in the home prior, sage the home in a counter clockwise manner and use salt as well to back it off until you end at the front door, then sage the house again in a clockwise manner to reset the energy to healthy. You may then want to do the same thing outside with salt only to reset the perimeter energy. Just use a salt shaker outside, it’s easier. Counter clockwise and then clockwise. Begin at your entryway sidewalk near your property line and follow the property line or make a perimeter if you have a large property. When you begin, mark the spot with holy water and go right to that spot when you finish each circle.  When done, use holy oil (+) to seal the perimeter. (don’t remove that salt)

The sage comes wrapped as a cone tied with string. Do not hold the cone by the end when it is burning or even after you blow out the flame so it smokes, use a dish or shell to hold it. You want the smoke, not the flame. I see people who say they are ‘shamans’ doing this all the time on TV. Don’t do that. Sage has very tiny leaves that fall off as live embers. Most people, including Native Americans, now cut a small amount of sage off the cone at a time and put it in a non-flammable container, like a ceramic dish, metal cooking pan with a scatter shield over it or ashtray with a piece of window screen or scatter shield over it when ‘smudging’. This keeps the sage embers from blowing around and starting fires as you move. Keep a window or door open when smudging the home to enable the negative energy to be pushed out. Open all inside doors, including closets, until finished. You can do this everyday for a week to make sure your home is nice and clear. But be considerate of other living beings in your home. Don’t gas them out with your zeal to ‘clear the air’, when, in fact, you’re smoking them out.

Native Americans used a shell, scooped out rock or a clay container to hold burning or smoking sage, or they held it in their hand. Not because that’s ‘better’, or necessary, but because that’s all they had. You do not need a shell or natural object to hold sage for it to be effective.

Sage is what it is, you don’t need sage to be encased or held by ‘natural’ substances for it to work; show me one shellfish, rock or clay dish that used sage as a purifier by itself?? It’s the smoke that purifies and that cannot be encased, nor does it need a special holder, although one that keeps the embers from flying around starting fires is the best kind to use. So an incense burner with a top on it or a frying pan with a ‘scatter shield’ that you use when frying bacon is often the best to use in a home. Always place the sage on tin foil if you’re using a frying pan so the pan does not become infused with the sage smell and carry it to your food later. Remember that many materials used in today’s furniture and clothing are very flammable. One floating ember can cause a couch or your own shirt to go up like a torch, so be careful to contain the embers.

2a. Sweetgrass: You can buy this in braids and use it after the home has been saged. It’s often called ‘prayer grass’, and seals the home. Just cut a bit off the braid and use that. Never light the braid itself. A little goes a long way and smells wonderful.

3. Frankincense: This is an incense that is used in churches since it was given to Jesus at birth by the Wise Men of the East. It also cleanses unhealthy energy from the house. You can use the pellets that lie on lit and smoldering charcoal or the stick incense. When using the pellets with charcoal, a little goes a “very” long way. Use sparingly. More is NOT better….remember you have to breathe to finish the ritual.

Remove people with asthma or breathing problems from the home during use until aired out. That includes many pets as well. I never sage homes without finding out about allergies first, nor do I take it for granted a pet really wants to be ‘smoked’. So don’t just grab incense and sage because someone thinks it’s necessary without removing your family members and pets first. You can do more harm than good if you’re not considerate. That also goes for heavy smells, especially essential oils or perfumes of any kind. What you may think is aromatherapy can be very noxious to others. It doesn’t mean they’re possessed, it simply means they like oxygen. So think first.  I am personally allergic to most herbs and ‘aromatherapy’ nearly puts me in the hospital…so I’m not a fan. Evidently God knew before I did that I would be doing this work as one of the few incenses that I can use safely is Frankincense.

I’ve literally had to leave a church gasping for air with most of the congregation following me out the door when the church officials used Frankincense too heavily out of ignorance though. We were Godparents to a friend’s child and I thought the entire congregation was going to expire on the spot, including the baby, parents and ourselves. Negative spirits will only step outside until you’re done anyway. Don’t poison your air thinking the stronger the better. Sage, incense, aromatics of any kind are only ‘part’ of a cleansing ritual, not the entire ritual, so use sparingly. They will not ‘cure’ your situation, they only back things off for a short while to buy you a little time to start your ritual without interference. So aromatics by themselves are only one step, not ‘the’ ritual by themselves, and essential oils used improperly can actually cause some people to go into anaphylactic shock.

We have too many pollutants in the air now to not think about others and how smoke and strong odors may affect them and why I prefer to use holy water, oil and salt over aromatics 99% of the time. It’s just safer for all concerned.

4. Cedar & Juniper: Used to also dispel negative energy. Used however for a stronger energy field that is more stubborn in returning to positive energy. I sometimes use this the same way I do sage after removing a cursed or infested object from the home.

5. Crystals: Many times quartz crystals are used to ‘bring in’ good energy or even used to ward the property by digging a small hole an inch or two deep and placing them in the hole with a little sage, tobacco and Holy Water, then covering the placement. Once all four corners of the property are warded, it can enable the natural ‘surface’ land energy or water to flow properly once more within the barrier. I use this method sometimes after underground movement has wounded the land and the land has responded with a natural vortex to heal itself. I also sprinkle the inside of the house and warded area of the property with salt as well. This keeps any negative energy from moving upward through the house or property. I only do this in and around the house, barn or a building housing animals, although many times I’ve had to include garages or buildings housing farm equipment as well. Disruptive vortexes can affect electrical systems of all kinds, even vehicular battery and alternator systems.

Something you need to realize about crystals is that ‘clarity’ of the stone is not as important as the ‘nature’ of the stone when using them to cleanse. Many denser quartz are more capable of producing ‘power’ or ‘interlinking’ with the matter in the universe than those that are clear.

Clarity of the stone is only necessary for transmission of the ‘subtle’ energies. Think of them as ‘radio’ transmitters and receivers, not ‘power’ connectors or ‘battery’ type of stones. They are more useful in dealing with ‘spiritual’ cosmic or causal energies as the frequency of these energies is higher and at a faster vibratory rate, so clarity is a must to keep the stone from cracking or even exploding. This is where gemstones are also of great use, faceted or rough, although the faceted tend to radiate from each facet instead of one direct line. So you need to choose wisely depending on what you’re wanting to accomplish.For instance, I often use faceted stones to ‘give’ the ‘luster’ as a gift to Djinn when trying to convince them to leave a building or property. If you do that, be sure to leave it in place with a blessed candle burning until the candle burns out. Then the stone can be cleared with salt and water or holy water and kept or given away. I use faceted Fluorite for this as it’s a high luster but an inexpensive stone. Use one that is fairly large. Never get cheap when dealing with a Djinn. The nicer the stone, the happier they are to take the luster and leave. And, by the way, remove all your own jewelry first. Otherwise they’ll follow you home attracted by it. No joke. Really.

 Balancing or harmonizing a vortex or energy field is better accomplished by a denser stone than a ‘clear’ stone. Clear stones are better for ‘spiritual’ or ‘cosmic’ processes, rather than communicating with earth energies. This is because the large natural stones, dense or not, communicate with the rest of the crystal that makes up the planet. Many times the denser the crystal, the more powerful the stone as it connects with the matrix of crystal around the earth.

6. Stones: Many stones have ‘protective’ or ‘healing’ energy enhancement qualities. Tourmaline, fluorite, amber, amethyst, emerald, ruby, are just a few.  Again it is important to know what you are wanting to do as to the amount of clarity needed. Earth, or heavy ‘matter’ is best served by rough or ‘solid’ uncut stones. Ethereal, spiritual, mental, cosmic or subtle energies (those you cannot see or measure by standard means) are best served by clear stones, lightly faceted, rather than multi-faceted. The more facets a stone has, the more wider the dissemination of the transmission. This is, in fact, why scepters and wands of noble (pure) metal (gold or silver) were studded with faceted stones and used to ‘wield power’ through ritual or intention. They ‘focused’ the combined energies of the stones encrusted on their surface. Mixing stones cannot really be done by a book. Each stone comes from a different source and will have qualities another does not have. It can take many years to understand this well and ‘know’ the right energy mixture by ‘feel’ and touch. Don’t just plop a bunch of stones on a wand and think you ‘have a powerful wand’. You could actually short circuit what you’re doing instead. Using stones in this way is done using ‘alchemy’. Alchemy is not magic or witchcraft, although any magician or witch worth their status knows alchemy is the only way to properly ‘order’ (align) the stones for the best result.

Wire wrapping stones can also enhance or spoil a stone. Wrapping is a form of ‘binding’, more than a way to ‘focus’ the energy of the stone, so be careful there also if you want true cooperative ‘flow’ from the stone using it to cleanse or realign earth energies. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Better that the stone is placed in a setting that is not so binding as wrapping it in multiple layers of silver or gold. Stones work better with your intentions and the proper placement, silver or gold is not always necessary to focus intent through a stone.

7. Tobacco. Sometimes tobacco is also used or used ‘in place of sage’ when setting boundaries. It is a gift to the land. Tobacco also has many DNA markers that are similar with the human body, consequently your intention is carried in a much purer form through tobacco than many other plants.


*+* After any of the above is used, I often write the Epiphany blessing, inside, on the doors of the home and other buildings. This blessing is found on my “Blessings and Prayers” page near the bottom. Have some chalk or a washable crayon or marker handy. It’s best if it’s blessed by a Catholic Priest or Minister if there’s a chance any demons or ghosts are present. You can say the house blessing prayer and write the blessing yourself with regular chalk you find at any store if it’s just to back off natural energies. If you can’t write on your door with the chalk, crayon or marker, write it on a piece of paper or cardboard with a pen or pencil and tape or tack it to your doors. This blessing is performed by laymen all the time so you’re not violating any religious tenets.

You can find a link to a great store for the herbs and crystals I mentioned on my “Great Links” page.

NOTE: When using crystals, always clean them first by washing them in clean water, sprinkle on a little salt and then rinse and place them in the sun for an hour or so before using. If you are using them to ‘bring in’ good energy, leave them in the sun for about 3 hours. The sunlight fills them with a good, natural energy. Many different kinds of crystals can be used for this purpose. But white or clear quartz only for ‘warding’ the property.  They can be very small crystals, don’t buy expensive crystals for this if you can help it. It’s your prayers and intentions that are transmitted through the crystals, it’s not about the size of the crystal, only that they are ‘real’ and natural stones.

A very beneficial page to understanding all natural smudge herbs and incense can be found here:

I purchase nearly all my herbs and incense from the Taos Herb store. Their products are ‘clear’ of any influences that may conflict with your personal beliefs and safe and healthy to use. Plus their prices are wonderful and shipping is very fast. (BTW: I do not receive a commission on your purchases from any of the stores I recommend. I only provide those links because they’re trustworthy sellers.)