Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards & Other Tools of Divination

I’m not going to write about the history of these items, you can Google that. I’ll write about them concerning how they can affect you, positively or negatively. I know there are many more than these, but I consider these few I listed above the most often used and so they become the most important to explain on this site.

I also know I’m not perfect, nor am I always right about everything. I’m simply writing what I think using the years of learning and research I’ve acquired though being close friends with knowledgeable people combined with my own hard work.

Some of you may think I would tell you not to do any of this, but I am also a scientist. If you assume a logical way of working with something, it’s doubtful you will run into danger, but that’s not saying you won’t. So be careful not to over-reach and whatever you do, don’t ask another entity for help. Just work hard and figure it out for yourself. You don’t have to engage the paranormal ‘spiritually’ all the time, seriously. I’m not even sure the paranormal is spiritual. I think it’s basically scientific. People just want to combine it all to make it “oh so mysterious”…or whatever. Do yourself a favor and ignore all that stuff. Just look at the paranormal as ‘another place in the same time’. Then if you do encounter something weird, you’ll at least keep your calm and be able to observe without an emotional energy release that will feed a negative entity.


There is intelligence in the universe and there is also ignorance. We’re only beginning to understand how incredible our minds really are. So please, if you write a great book of your own ‘higher thoughts’ don’t say you “channeled” from some bozo entity because you think the rest of us won’t read it. There are plenty of books like that out already, thanks.

Learn your own knowledge by making great friends, study hard, research and just be you. Then at least, people will either think you are either brilliant or not, but don’t write something great and say “the Great Master Hoo Haa” channeled this through me”. No one who actually understands how it all works will read it anyway. We’re over that. You either know something or you don’t. If you don’t, don’t make up a ‘cool’ unseen author to get people to buy your book, just keep working and decide what is really true and false TO YOU. Then write that.

Sometimes people want their ideas to be correct so badly they build an entire world in their own mind and try to manifest it into reality by telling people it’s really a true place and they know this because it was all channeled by a higher being. If it really was, great, then much of it will be provable spiritually at least…but if not, it’s a lie and a great lie has great consequences, even if people believe you, you will always know the truth and it makes you vulnerable to possession by a ‘not so great’ entity. So don’t be afraid to be yourself. I love reading what others are thinking. It helps me learn and grow and others appreciate it as well.

Take the credit or the criticism, but tell the truth about where you got the information. We know it’s from your ‘higher self’…which is, hopefully, well educated and usually much more brilliant than you think it is. And, in the meantime, you won’t get possessed by some flake demon pretending to be the ‘learned’ Master HH  who he wants you to think holds the keys to the Universe. Trust me, if some truly enlightened being really did, he’d be somewhere other than the Astral plane dictating concepts that most third graders already know by instinct. The Astral plane is considered a very low plane of existence. We all start out there, spiritually, but hard work and truth take us much higher. I really don’t need the baggage of dragging another entity with me and neither do you. Let him do his own hard work.

And one quick word about lies. If you lie, you sin, and if you tell someone your lie and they repeat it, even if they think it’s the truth, they also sin. So you’re responsible for their sin as well as yours. How much of that burden can anyone carry before they become prime real estate for a demon? Answer: Not much…so think before you speak. Words have great power.

Divination, itself, is using TOOLS to teach your psychic sixth sense to learn to ‘see’ the ebb and flow of energies not apparent to the ordinary senses. To be able to translate that information takes education and knowledge. The more the better. To ‘see’ clearly, you must ‘understand’ what you are ‘seeing’ to be able to explain it to anyone else. Divination tools ‘direct’ your psychic sight to a certain ‘area’ that you are trying to discern and see. Without the tools, you must study more to understand how to keep a sense of direction and place when casting your mind out to the many dimensional realms.

Eileen Garrett, a famous psychic from Ireland, and possibly the most respected psychic, medium and researcher of parapsychology of the 20th Century, was the first psychic to use the term “shift” when describing how the mind moves through dimensions when you are trying to mentally ‘see’ what is beyond the normal vision of your eyes. This term is a very accurate adjective when referring to psychic mind travel and using the 6th Sense of Extra Sensory Perception.

When allowing your mind to ‘shift’ into what I consider a corridor that contains many openings, you may encounter many other ‘minds’ of pure thought. Some of these traveling minds may be quite innocent and have no agenda other than their own. But there are others that are simply traveling around in that dimensional space looking for someone they can latch onto. They are tired of not having a body and if they can use yours, they will. This is a prime abode of real demonic activity. Be careful, there are dragons here who freely ‘give’ information so you suddenly feel like a wizard. But there is a very high price to pay for their information, and most of it is untrue anyway.

Many religions have an area between “The Great Place” and the Earth that they call the Astral Plane. It’s considered a dimension with many layers that has many disembodied souls and spirits (beings of pure thought) traversing through it. Some have a definite place they’re going, others may or may not. It is also considered a place where the minds of people go sometimes when they dream. The most important ‘fact’ about the Astral Plane is that it is well known that many different minds, souls and spirits inhabit the Astral plane, either by choice or by natural means.

I don’t really have another name for this area that we find ourselves in when we shift our minds, except to say that I believe that there are at least two major aspects to this plane of existence. One is filled with light, the other varying shades of the dark. I believe that those entities that exist in the light are non-threatening entities, those of the dark may not all be threatening but many are. And I suspect the reason is that their energy feeds off the energy of other life forms they encounter. As St. Paul said, “Test the Spirits”. Don’t fall for their stories, or pretensions of being lost, little children or SO ALONE and DO NOT invite them into you or to share space with you. You’ll end up needing an exorcism before it’s over. They can be incredibly dangerous.

I also believe that light mostly embodies good, nurtures life and releases energy; (remember however, that Satan can appear as an angel of light) the dark absorbs and digests the energy left by the light (without absorbing the light itself) to survive. I believe that living souls and even the traveling minds of living beings are brightly lit. I believe that many of the darker astral beings watch for this light and are attracted to it. It is said that like attracts like, and so light beings tend to be attracted to other light beings and repulsed by the dark. The dark, therefore, would be drawn to other dark beings and repulsed by the light. Light beings tend to love others, dark beings tend to hate others. In all things there is a balance and a harmony that results from that balance; light and dark, good and evil, sweet and sour. When you lose your balance, you usually find yourself in a tough spot and have to find a way to escape, so when attempting to ‘shift’, take it easy and learn to discern what kind of entities are around you before befriending all you see. Just because they’re up there doesn’t mean they’re smart, cool, intelligent or nice. In fact, those that are, don’t ‘hang out’ much in general traffic. So use discretion and learn slowly to come and go safely.

If you’re simply casting your mind without purpose or direction out into the astral, trying to find answers to the phenomenal universe and the intelligence behind it’s creation, you’re going to enter corridors of darkness by mistake (or maybe on purpose depending on your mindset) and find yourself surrounded by dark entities who are much more intelligent that yourself. You may also find light entities more intelligent than yourself, and of course, the problem with that is that you may not even understand what they are trying to tell you and come back to earth with a very serious misunderstanding of what you learned. This happens again and again and why some ‘writings’ of people who divine the future by skipping around the astral plane may actually sound more incomprehensible than like true knowledge. I’m sure you have all encountered this if you’ve been reading new age material at all. Some of it’s just ridiculous and some is very wise. People often label these writers as prophets, forgetting that to be a true Prophet means that you must be totally right all the time, no near misses allowed. And no confusion either…

So that said, let’s begin to decipher how you can sometimes get yourself in trouble using divination and why there is even a problem with it.


First and most important thing is this: Ouija Boards can become possessed. Most objects cannot, but can be cursed. Keep that in mind when flirting with a Ouija Board. Do you really want to take that risk?

Now, what can I say about Ouija boards you haven’t already heard? Do they open the door for demonic possession? Sometimes, yes, depending on the intention of the person using them. If you are determined to summon a spirit to talk to you, you may very well succeed. Since real human ghosts don’t have the power to move anything, much less a planchette, unless they’re linked to some sort of power source, what kind of entity will actually answer you?

In my experience and study about Ouija boards, I think most of the time they simply move according to your own inner thoughts, conscious or subconscious, and you simply tell yourself what you really want to hear. Some people think it’s the ‘higher self’ that you’re really ‘channeling’ and that may be true. When you ‘contact’ a spirit, truthfully, it’s usually something you’ve read about or seen on TV, or wondered about, that comes through as your own subconscious gets involved in your answers.

Problems begin when you ‘insist’ on attracting another ‘unseen’ spirit of some kind. You may have to use the board many times to actually ‘pull’ a real spirit to the board, but once you do, that spirit will linger around and draw more spirits to it. Spirit attracts spirit and what you may think is a ‘friendly’ spirit, is usually not, even from the beginning.

There are less powerful and more powerful demonic forces flying around in the world. There are also other entities that exist, such as Djinn and nature spirits, who, by the way, do not ‘speak’ or ‘talk’ to anyone, ever. The most usual entity to draw closer to people demanding a spiritual connection are the less powerfully demonic, however. Once they find an open door or invitation, they tell the demons that control them about it and soon they arrive as well to ‘have a little fun’. This is the major problem with Ouija boards. Once a small demon finds a home for itself, it will pretend to be anything but dangerous, like a child or sad ghost, because if you thought it was dangerous, you’d put the board in the garbage or take action to get the demon out of your house.

Demons can read your body language, so if you think the ‘sad and lost ghost’ is someone you want to help, it will gladly oblige by giving you facts and information of another person it has haunted in the past. When you research the information, and you should, you’ll find that it’s false. This is a common practice of demonic entities. They mimic everything in order to trick you…even pretending to be an animal spirit or whatever. Don’t fall for it. The little demon has big nasty brothers and you will soon meet them if you continue with the board.

For any ‘one’ thing they tell you that proves to be true, 90% of the rest is a lie. They also begin to act like they’re jealous of your time, flattering you and telling you how wonderful you are. Anything to keep you coming back until they’re able to build a nest in you or your home or even your body. Once that happens, you begin to see signs of infestation, movements, sounds, smells in your home that were not there before and are now constant, especially at night.

Even if you put the board away, throw it away or bury it in the ground, (Never BURN a Ouija Board!) the activity will get worse until it becomes very personal towards you or someone else you were using the board with. At that point you must ‘clear’ or exorcise your home or person to get rid of the demons…because by now, there are more than one around you. The reason the activity will remain even though the board is gone is that by talking to the spirit, you have invited it to enter you or someone else playing with the board. So the haunting will continue.

Many times when the activity starts, or even before it does, the ‘spirit’ on the board will tell you that it is afraid, because a very nasty spirit is now threatening it and it’s worried about you. So it will begin to play ‘good cop’ – ‘bad cop’ by pretending there is a ‘different spirit’ hanging around. But it will tell you that you can trust itself, because it wants to help you fight the bad guy off. Part of that ‘fight’ will be to talk to the bad spirit and tell it you don’t want it around. The minute you do that, you have opened a conversation with a major demon and they interpret that as ‘giving permission’ to enter you. So you see, it just gets worse and worse.

Just realize that any entity that can answer a question via a planchette and a game board, much less something ‘profound’ is ‘intelligent’ and any entity that is truly intelligent that would lower itself to talk to ordinary people playing with a Ouija board has a plan for ‘Itself’, not you. No matter what you have been told by some people, you need to think about this.

Why would an intelligent spirit waste their time and energy communicating through a Ouija board? Because it knows something you don’t. That by soliciting it’s time and voice, you are inviting it, first, into the board itself, second, into your home and life. And now, it’s happy, happy, happy. And you’ve invited something that will show itself sooner or later…sometimes as much as 30 years later. Time means nothing to demons. They were around before time and since they’re immortal, they don’t care when they move into their new home. Whenever it suits them, they’ll arrive, bags in hand, no expiration date.

So, that said, lets move on to Tarot Cards. A much more interesting topic.


What is important about Tarot cards in the way they are used today is their design. The way the card is artistically designed and whether or not it is done by a master Tarot designer or not depends on how much your ‘psychic mind’ will ‘shift’ as you look at a Tarot Card.

In my opinion, there are ‘states of mind’ that have nothing to do with ‘spirit’ but are a natural ability of the human brain. As with anything else, it is up to the Tarot reader’s intentions whether their approach to the cards is healthy or perverse. Many people pick up the Tarot but not many truly understand their use scientifically. And yes, there is a scientific application for the Tarot.

The cards are based on numbers, design, Major Arcana numbered 1-22 that define the ‘tone’ of the reading, and Minor Arcana numbered 1-14 in four suits, that define individual aspects of the tone with smaller and more descriptive cards.

There are two ways of ‘reading’ the cards. One, by numbers, Major subject and Minor definitions, and Two, by using the pictures and design of the cards to ‘shift’ and interpret the cards as your mind travels through the dimensional planes looking for answers.

I’ve met a great many people who are very skilled at both ways of reading the cards without asking an ‘entity’ for help with them. Their results are actually based on their own understanding of what the cards mean and what they ‘see’.  They’re usually, to me, anyway, more accurate than someone who calls on a spirit guide or other entity. Some people don’t realize they don’t actually have a ‘spirit guide’ in tow, but someone with discernment can tell the reader is only leaning on that explanation so I won’t think they’re personally not a good card reader. I’ve met all types. Some are excellent, some are all wet. Like anything else, it takes a clear and educated mind to really interpret some of the more explicit information. The less educated or learned someone is, the more vague their reading is.

It is the second way of reading that I will address as to it’s danger, as I consider numbers more of a tested science and less of an abstract ‘journey’ of the mind. It’s obsessing over the cards that becomes a gateway to demonic influence and infestation or worse.

It’s one thing to ‘get a reading’ or ‘give a reading’, it’s quite another to get one every day and have the cards “tell you” what to do or what will happen that day. Every time you do a Tarot layout, you are going to shift your mind to the dimensional planes to find the answers. It’s like walking through a dangerous neighborhood everyday that you could easily avoid and hoping you don’t run into trouble. Sooner or later, you will attract attention from someone or something very dangerous. Why is that? Because especially if you read for yourself (and most people do) you will think, “I don’t want what I know, I want to know what I ‘don’t’ know,” and consequently you will extend your mind out further and farther everyday trying to find answers that don’t ‘sound like you’. And when you don’t find them, you will become more and more desperate and begin to call out psychically to ‘others’ that might know the answers. “Someone or Something” will hear you eventually and answer. If you communicate back with that entity, you just issued an invitation you may or may not be able to rescind and that entity will gladly come in out of the ether to hang out with you. Now they have a body and they will fight like hell itself to keep it.

Is it really that important to deal a layout everyday? Do you know how much energy that takes from your life force? A great deal, actually, and most beginners or novices don’t realize that you can exhaust yourself and become easy pickings for dark entities while you’re roaming around in a tired daze. It’s like trying to play a chess game when you’re half asleep. Only a master chess player who has learned all the moves and has them in his memory can hope to win a game like that. This is why most professional Tarot readers don’t even bother shifting. They know numbers and they know what each card means so well that they can give what sounds like a really good reading without shifting at all during the reading. They only shift once, and that is when they shuffle the cards. They don’t ‘go’ anywhere with their mind, they simply let their higher self tell them how many times to shuffle and when to cut the cards. True. Just like a good poker player. They do the same thing.

Knowledge makes a huge difference in how the cards fall on the table. And the reading is based on knowledge of how the meaning of the cards works within the layout. What numbers and Major Arcana are prominent and what the minor Arcana cards are indicating the under-meaning is. That’s it. Simple. But lots of work and sometimes years of learning before they can do this smoothly every time. It’s rare that you can befuddle an experienced card reader no matter what your question is. It’s also rare for me to run into an experienced card reader that is possessed in any way. It’s almost always the newbies who think it’s all about spirituality that get caught up in unhealthy relationships with entities. When an experienced reader has problems, they’re almost always from his/her ‘learning days’ when they left themselves wide open while searching the astral planes.

So if you want to read Tarot cards, don’t obsess over them. They can’t tell you what to do everyday, only you can tell yourself that and you don’t need cards to find those answers. But if using cards is your way of doing that and you don’t want to change, at least realize that if you learn the meanings and the layouts well enough, you’ll find your answers quick and clean without attracting a disgusting entity that will become a real problem in your life. They never stop with just one thing, they have to have it all, eventually, and you will lose everything you now value. You’ll be exhausted all the time and you’ll even subconsciously gain weight so you can protect your center chakra where your life force concentrates. More truth than fiction in that statement, believe me.

All the rest of these methods of divination have the same problems with shifting. It’s always all about how intense the person is who is attempting to ‘read’ them or ‘work’ them. Don’t use any of them to ‘go after ghosts’…learn what they do and simply do it not worrying about entities and all that. None of these things can teach you anything about true spirituality. They’re simply tools that indicate whether or not energy of whatever sort is present. It’s your own interpretation of whatever they indicate that can clue you into what that energy involves. Don’t make them into something they’re not, like a ‘spirit phone’. If you’re not going to trust God to lead you, then at least trust yourself and keep your head straight and you won’t become a beacon of available energy for something nasty to feed off of like a hot lunch.

RUNES – Stones engraved with Norse symbols, somewhat like tarot cards, with a distinct meaning to each symbol, but thrown or shaken out of a bag into a protective circle and then read, the answer depending on how they land.

CRYSTAL BALL– Another means of Scrying, staring at something until you ‘see’ a clue to answer your question. Scrying, is to me, one of the most dangerous things you can do. By the time you ‘see’ an entity form, it believes that you seeing it and it seeing you is an invitation to come through the glass and hangout. Uck.

DOWSING – great for finding water, oil, coins, minerals, etc. Even the lottery, some say. But don’t use dowsing for ghost hunting. You have to shift too far out to use them for that reason and you put yourself in extreme risk if there is a demon present. Do you honestly want to ‘attract’ a spirit? Really? You’re issuing another dangerous invitation to God knows what.

PENDULUMS – More an example of your higher self controlling the nerve endings in your fingers or hands than any outside entity, I think. We know so much more than we realize we know, and this is a good example of how our brain shows us how it can read electrical or electromagnetic fields.

PSYCHOMETRY – Touching metal or other objects and psychically knowing who or what it came into contact with. Just don’t follow the story you ‘see’ too far out. You never know what’s at the end of the trail. If you see the answer right away, put the object down. Besides, do you know whether or not the object is cursed? If not, forget about it. You don’t really need to touch anything, really. Just hold your right hand over it while your left hand is tightly closed. The left hand is the receiving hand for energy reception. Never pick up a foreign object with your left hand and protect your right hand with the appropriate metal or jewelry (some stones add a great deal of protection…amber, amythyst, emerald, sapphire, turquoise, just to name a few.)

NUMEROLOGY – To me, it’s a science. Numbers are very important to God and they’re great indicators of what is going on around you and what to do about it. There are some really great books on the subject, so learn well what the writers say about each number and what it means. Numerology has been around for centuries.