Mediums, Psychics and Spirit Guides

If a medium is truly in contact with someone who has passed over to heaven, they’re speaking to the soul. If a medium is talking to a ghost who is earthbound, the soul has gone (unless it was possessed by a demon during life and still trapped here needing the controlling demon exorcised), but the awareness (physical energy pieces of that person) is what usually remains and what they are really talking to or hearing echos of. Convincing a ‘ghost’ to “cross over” simply means that the medium was able to make the awareness understand that the soul left without it, so it realizes that it is no longer connected, and at that point it calls for the soul and the soul reconnects with it so they leave together.

The awareness field of a human is a powerful thing. It can get separated from the soul in a violent or unexpected untimely death. Many times we live nearly our entire life without giving a thought for our soul or spirit, thinking that our awareness embodies both of those, but it does not. The spirit is the power source connected to the originator of all life. It is not really intelligent of itself, but is ‘of God’ and it is the conduit for God’s intelligence to the soul ‘mind’ and is the connection to the power of God. The soul is what makes us different as it is the ‘intelligent’ connection between the “all that is” or “creator mind” that downloads the knowledge and guidance of God to the non-physical ‘thought’ mind which is our awareness. Our awareness is our mind…our conscious and subconscious, our ability to ‘realize’ that we are alive and the part that is aware of our ‘earthly’ surroundings.

So the spirit is pure power, the soul is pure thought, and the awareness is conscious mind that comprehends life in the physical and mental form through senses and sensations. The people that are true mediums are operating from the ‘soul’ thought energy field connection, not conscious thought.

Some people don’t believe animals have souls or spirits, but I do. I think that every living thing God created has a spirit, a soul (perhaps a bit different than humans, but a version of it just the same) and an awareness that is unique to each being. I’ve ‘seen’ pets with their loved ones in Heaven, and many free roaming animals in groups, large or small, just playing in the fields of the Lord. Trees, plants, birds, fish, dolphins, oceans, clouds, everything you see here is above as well. As above, so below. We’re like a ‘carbon copy’ of what resides in Heaven. It’s through giving thanks for all things that we ‘solidify’ or bring the ‘original’ to the earth. When that ‘original’ finally passes away here, it rises to Heaven and replaces the carbon copy. The copy is then destroyed, as all things created begin fresh and anew. Perhaps that is what St. Paul meant when he said, “It is given but once a for man to die.” If reincarnation exists, only the spirit and soul would occupy the new body. The longer the soul remains in Heaven, the less it remembers from it’s life here. If it comes back fairly soon, more memories remain. All else about the new body would be original, unique and new, and the awareness would be totally fresh and pure, like a blank tape, ready to record new experiences for that ‘mind’.


ESP truly is Extra Sensory Perception in the fact that it the ‘sense’ does not reside in the brain at all, but in the energy field of the soul that surrounds the human being. When a psychic shifts, they shift to the “soul” view. They see only pure energy in that state, and it is then a question of how experienced or educated they are that enables them to properly identify what they are ‘seeing’. It is the task of the conscious mind to interpret into words what the soul is seeing. So the better educated and more knowledgeable the mind, the better the physic can interpret. The less education and understanding of the world around them one has, the more vague the interpretation. And like seeing with the eyes, the better and unclouded your vision, the clearer your description of what you see or perceive. Just as all eyes are not equal in their ability to see, so all perceived soul visions and their interpretations are also not equal. The problems arise when we realize that the soul view is unable to be ‘fit’ with corrective lenses, at least, at this time. This is why psychics vary in their abilities and percentage of correct interpretations. If you are near sighted and cannot see clearly at a distance, do not try to read the road sign a mile away. Simply say, “I don’t know what I’m seeing. I cannot tell you what the road sign says.” It would save a lot of people a lot of grief if more people just admitted their inability to identify what they’re observing. The printed ‘word’ description, or a ‘picture’ or solid object of what you are seeing with your eyes will have the exact same energy pattern of the energy you ‘saw’ with your ESP. That’s how you ‘learn’ to tell the difference between things when you ‘see’ them. If you learn that, the next time you ‘see’ something with your soul vision, and don’t really understand what you are seeing, write down whatever clues you can find and research until you ‘find’ the answer to what it really is. You’ll know what I mean if you try it. Better than guessing the meaning and confusing someone who’s trusting you to give them actual information.

I once sat to get a reading from a woman at a psychic fair. She looked at me intently and then said, “Your brother wants you to know that he misses you.” I found myself turning around to see who she was talking to. I have four sisters but no brothers at all. So I said, “What  brother? I don’t have any brothers.” She replied, “Your brother from your past life.”  I thought, well, that’s that then, isn’t it. I had no retort for that as I have no idea whether or not I had a brother in a past life or even if I had a past life, and although I may have, I have no knowledge of it, which is probably the case with most people. I smiled, got up and went home. She could have simply said, “My mistake, my vision is simply mucked up from the last reading, my mind is tired and I need to clear myself before trying to give you a reading.” I would have at least respected her efforts a lot more.

Anytime you’re using your ‘skills’ for money, you’re acting ‘in the world’ and as such, bait for demons and entities who love it when people ‘shift’ their consciousness to the ‘soul’ view as your soul ‘lights up’ when you tap into it. They feed off the energy of your attempts and especially if you have no other entities feeding off you, you’re prime territory for them . They’ll even help you make money if that’s your desire, especially at first, so you keep shifting for them, again and again…until they tire of the game and begin the process of possession or get bored with you and begin a new game they think is more fun. They may wait a long or short time to do this as time means nothing to them.

A few new psychics reading this may be thinking, “No way, Sonia…that is simply not true.” I say, if it isn’t right this second, it will become true if you keep shifting on a regular basis. Sooner or later vampire demons will ‘see’ your bright soul light looking like a  revolving Light House across a black sea at night and rush to your side to begin their feeding process. It’s only a matter of time.  Many of you ‘know’ this is true. You already meet people who are psychic vampires…ever wonder what is enabling them to be so proficient at it? Believe it or not, a normal human being cannot ‘suck’ energy from another. They can have a tedious personality that is very wearing, but they cannot vamp your energy to make themselves stronger. It takes a preternatural spiritual entity to accomplish that feat. Human beings don’t carry soul batteries that they can stock with other people’s energy. The demon owes their existence on this plane to the ability to ‘accumulate’ enough energy to interact. It is that type of entity or a Djinn that drains batteries and power sources. Not ghosts. A demon attempting to pull itself through a portal from another universe or plane of existence will drain batteries, etc., to get enough power to manifest on this side of things. I’ve been told that by shamans, healers and many Holy men from all kinds of religions, and I believe it completely.

So, if you’re out there ghost hunting and your batteries go dead, leave the premises before the thing makes it through and attaches itself to your energy field. People think ghosts ‘follow’ them home. Nope. At the very least, it’s a minor demon or vampy entity wanting a new home. Every time. And minor or not, it’s a problem and and at the very least, by ‘touching’ your energy field repeatedly, a drain on your life force that will make you sick constantly until you get rid of it.

This phenomenon of demon or entity feeding is also why many psychics who were once considered truly amazing now seem vague, tired and lifeless, and begin to be nearly always wrong, especially when the chips are really on the table in an important case. They gain weight to protect the solar plexus which is the most vulnerable spot of the body for a demon or other entity, their skin becomes dry and wrinkled before it’s time and they begin to look like hell. Just to shift uses a lot of the life force all by itself. But when you add an energy vampire demon, it ebbs in a hurry and chronic illness of varying degrees soon follows.

A quick word to psychics. Please don’t trust your spirit guides if you have any. You really have no idea who or what they actually are, as they can say they’re anything they want you to believe. And, if they’re demonic or Djinn, they can feed you false or partially true information at any time just to have a bit of fun with you or even to see you totally embarrassed and fall flat on your face so you feel alienated and ridiculed and become better acclimated to their complete takeover of your body and possibly your soul as well. No human being can possibly be accurate all the time if left to their own devices, and even those with spirit guides make serious mistakes. Only God is incapable of a mistake…but he’s not available on ‘commercial’ demand.

Spirit Guides

‘spirit guide’ is operating from pure thought. Who are they really? We don’t know. Because they connect by thought alone, they could be anybody or anything. Are there other creatures who live in alternate universes besides demons? We really don’t know for sure and we may never know for sure. The one thing I do know is that demons, Djinn, etc. are such liars that in my opinion, it doesn’t really pay to take the risk of guessing wrongly. There is absolutely no way to tell who or what you have contacted until you have been compromised energetically. And then if it’s a demonic entity, a Djinn or any entity that either feeds on or gets it’s jollies by tormenting humans, it can turn your life into a real nightmare.

Not all demons or other entities are equal. Just as there are good men and seriously bad men, there can be demons of lesser evil and deeper evil. One may be enjoying talking to a person and not taking the relationship to a point of danger for the human physically simply because he knows we’ll live longer if he doesn’t, thereby allowing him to experience life through a certain person instead of having to start over to find another host. The next demon may not care about that and simply be waiting for the opportunity to strike in a lethal manner. And sometimes also, even if one demon is not particularly strong by itself, but they have made a connection with a human, another demon passing by may take advantage of the small nest the first one established to worm his way in to lead and cause devastation. Since demons like to group in ever larger numbers, the power exerted and the damage done grows exponentially with time.

It’s truly better to not engage with spirit guides since there’s no way to honestly identify who’s who. It’s not like they carry provable ID.