Testimonials from clients, co-workers and friends

I want to thank all of you so much for writing these testimonials. I love you all and am so grateful to have you in my life.

I elected to simply ask for testimonials personally rather than have a ‘live’ testimonial page, because it’s so hard to keep spam from entering into WordPress websites. I know there are new plugins out there that are better and I will find one that can keep robots or spam from cluttering my dashboard in the future.

These testimonials are placed in random order:

To anyone reaching out to Sonia I encourage you do.  My family moved into our dream home on 5 acres four years ago.  Since that time, everything began to disintegrate, from our marriage, finances and even the health of us and our pets.  We reached out to Sonia who was able to determine our home and land had spiritual problems.  With her explicit instruction we used the exorcised oil and salt coupled with Holy Water to clear our property and ourselves and everything began to heal.  With God and the guidance of Sonia and her knowledge we were able to know and feel peace in our minds and hearts at home for the first time since moving in.  The change is remarkable and I am so grateful to Sonia and most of all to God for guiding me to her.
God bless, Joanne and Jim

*I am originally from the Chicago land area and relocated to the East Coast about three years ago. My husband and I were relocated due to the fact of him being in the Military. We knew we wanted to purchase a home and had three days in which to find one. The first two and a half days, we had no luck but later on that third day we found one. It seemed so peaceful, light, and open. About two days after being moved in, I started noticing “sounds”. These “sounds” started with scratching on walls, hearing the floors creak as if someone was walking, and voices. This would always happen between the time of 9:00pm through 3:00am. I first just chalked it up to just the wind, house settling, and I must just be imagining this. These “sounds” started getting worse. Behavior in the house started changing, everyone in the family was either fighting or isolating themselves. I would be in bed at night and hear voices in my ears, seeing shadows moving around and it would be freezing in the room. I would wake up in fear almost every night..my husband thought I was crazy! I started to think so too! Things continued to get worse and images started showing up in pictures. At that point, I knew exactly what was going on.. My house was haunted! A paranormal team was contacted to come to my home, and through this team, I was put in touch with Sonia. She spent numerous hours on the phone with me encouraging me that I was not crazy and this was very real. She guided me and instructed me on how to rid my house of these things, “Demons”. God made no mistake by putting her in my life and using her to accomplish all of this. It didn’t matter what time a day I called or if she was busy, she always made time for me. She was my support system in a very difficult time when I felt so alone. God has truly called her to this type of ministry to help others in these situations where no one else will. I have since formed a friendship with her and she will forever hold a place in my heart 🙂 No matter how many attacks the enemy threw at us, she stood firm with God and showed me how to do the same. My family and I now live in that peaceful, light, and open home.. And this time it’s not a trick!!! As always, thank you for your love, support and friendship Sonia!


*I’ve known Sonia for many years. She is very knowledgeable in her line of work, and has a wealth of wisdom she has gained from her years of experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to gain insight into healing, spiritual protection, etc. 
Mike Eggleston


*Sonia is the most educated and compassionate person I have met in her field. She will never leave you hanging and will do her best to solve the issue at hand. She has worked miracles from the west coast to the east coast where I have clients. She is so loving and caring. I have learned so much from her and I am able to pass on what I have learned to others. You will be in safe hands, I promise you. 
Laura B. 


*Consider yourself blessed if your path has led you to Sonia. Many years ago when I was struggling in my  life I was introduced to her through a mutual friend. It was wonderful meeting a kindred soul that shared many of my personal experiences in life. Not only did she help my spirit grow but together we experienced so many what could only be called miracles! The universe showed us so many things neither of us could have thought possible. We are part of a group of like minded individuals that work together with our own unique talents for the good of all. No matter your belief system or experiences in life whatever has brought you to her be assured her desire is only to help you with a open heart and an old soul that has a wide array of knowledge. All you need to do is reach out…..

I am a professional in the field of psychology and certainly never thought I would need help in dealing with the paranormal until I moved into a beautiful home by a lake in 2010.  It didn’t help that I was also an owner of an antique store, but I didn’t realize at the time how that too affected the paranormal activity in the home.  After speaking to countless individuals, several of them well known on a national level in the paranormal field and realizing that either they did not believe my story or it was not sensational enough, I was lucky enough to find Ms. Brosz’  website. This occurred after several priests had blessed the home, a few ghost hunting groups had tried to document the activity, and a shaman and her group had gone to see the area.  I had tried various types of cleansings, prayers, speaking to priests, etc., etc.  Once I spoke to Ms. Brosz and had read and implemented the material on her web site, things began to improve at the home. Trust me when I tell you that what occurred in that home is the stuff that best selling horror writers publish.  I was lucky to escape the home with my life, but not before losing several pets, deteriorating health, and a divorce.  I continue to speak with Ms. Brosz and she continues to help me with ongoing (although very mild) consequences of having lived through such a horrifying experience.  I too was a skeptic until it happened to me.  I want to thank Ms. Brosz for sharing so kindly her knowledge and experience in this field.  I am forever grateful.  


As a paranormal investigator and avid spiritual individual, I honestly can’t believe some of the work that has been done by this incredible woman. Its all true and real because Ive experienced it and seen her at work. Since I’ve met Sonia, I have learned more about my spirituality and the realness of it in this physical world than I have in any other teacher and friend. From her stories of literally saving people from real evil,real demons, and fighting them with the use of her faith; it has shown me my own abilities and lack there of. It’s made me humble and much more respectful to the paranormal. I use to actively search for paranormal cases, now cases come to me. I can say that through the teachings that Sonia has taught me, and the guidance of her website, I can direct others where to go and what to do. It’s much easier now. I’m glad God sent me to Sonia and that I can share her amazing knowledge with others.

 I have known Sonia now about 2 or 3 years. I first heard her on a radio station and one day and decided to call her.  I was surprised that she actually answered the phone, was expecting a recording or something. My first impression of her over the phone was great, I mean I felt so relaxed, calm, I felt like I knew her for years. We spoke for about an hour or so about me and about her. I just needed some help with clearing my house and she sent me all the things I needed along with instructions, and I just paid shipping. It took me awhile till I paid the shipping charge but she still sent me the things I needed to clear my house. She is a wonderful women even though I have never actually met her in person. You will know what I mean when you talk to her.

Sonia has many skills and attributes, she could have chosen to use those skills to do many things, but the 20 years I have known her she has always been a positive force in the universe and is a great asset to anyone that crosses her path. She does not deal in pity but is more than willing to help anyone who is ready to help themselves. She is a beautiful spirit with a special connection with God, whatever you perceive that to be. 
Scott Davis