The Three Stages of Possession

(This page addresses ‘Real Satanic Demons’, not other entities. Other entities rarely ‘possess’ anyone. If you are experiencing at least 5 of the infestation symptoms, 3 of the Oppression symptoms or 2 of the Possession symptoms, Email me or see a Minister or Priest at once.)

  Perfect Possession
  Can animals be possessed?

How are people possessed by demons?

Possession is when an intelligent entity takes control over your own mind and body and you cannot control what you think.  No entity including demons can take control unless you allow it, but the ways of allowing it or ‘giving’ permission are by either you ‘stating’ out loud that you wish to be possessed, or saying it in your own thoughts, or committing some act that ‘gives’ silent permission for the entity to enter and begin the process of possession. People sometimes refer to this as ‘opening doors’ to the demonic, or inviting the demonic.

Another other way of becoming possessed is by a parent deliberately cursing their child or children or placing a curse upon a child that is a statement by them that the child be given to the devil or other god – lesser or minor god than the God of the Bible. This can happen in other religions where other gods are worshipped and the child dedicated to these other gods by either parent, or if a parental curse is deliberately put upon the child. This type of possession is the most difficult to exorcise.

A third way to become possessed is by touching an item that a demon or other intelligent entity has touched. Sometimes these items are ‘cursed’ items, and other times they are items touched by a possessed person. A demon cannot literally ‘touch’ an item, since they have no body and are actually pure thought. But if they possess someone, they can alter the molecular structure of a person’s cells and if that person touches something, they leave dead skin cells behind and those disrupted cells begin a disruption of the molecular structure of whatever they touch…like a doorknob or other object; the wood frame of a door, etc. Wherever our skin comes in contact with an item ‘touched’ by a demon, the skin will begin to die and those cells slough off to infect other items such as clothing or whatever we touch. Which is why St. Paul said, “…avoid even the touching of the rainment worn by those who embrace evil.”

If you have actually touched something that carries a demonic entity, the first symptom is often illness and it becomes progressively worse. Usually a doctor is unable to find a good reason for the illness. So even if it is treated and subsides for awhile, it usually returns and can get worse over time.

Normal glass or other products that have a crystalline nature are not often affected by the transference of energy from demons. Perhaps the crystal from the sand in glass makes this impossible for the demonic entity. I don’t really know. But in my own experience, more items that carry a demonic energy field are either mineral, metal, wood, stone, cloth, leaded crystal glass, hair, fingernails, body parts of any dead animal, reptile, bird or dead plant, such as a root or seed pod. Whatever the cursed object is, it cannot have blood running through it, nor can it have a crystalline structure such as salt, crystal stones, or regular glass.

The Three Stages of Possession:

Be aware that no matter what stages are listed, sometimes a situation can hit so hard and so fast it totally bypasses the first and second stages and lands right on the third stage, with all the accompanying activity, mental and physical debilitation of all three. That is extremely rare, but it ‘can’ happen. It’s never good to ‘wait and see’ what develops when you notice 3 or more of the more serious activities or thought processes begin to take hold. And you need to know that even though the activity of infestation may seem ‘interesting’, it soon gains speed and frequency, while you begin to deteriorate mentally and lose the strength of resolve it takes to get rid of the problem. So act quickly…possession is a progressive disease. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

1. Infestation:

Huge NO NO
…do not address a suspected entity directly or yell at it. While a demon may infest your house, it can only begin to infest you if you invite it to ‘have a relationship’ by talking to it or interacting with it, like saying, “do that again if you’re really there”. And please don’t fall for the ‘it’s an innocent spirit of a little girl or boy…or it’s my grandmother, mother, dad, or other loved one.” Demons always imitate people or animals to touch your ‘soft spot’ to get you to talk to them or feel sorry for them. That’s their favorite trick. Once you do that, you’re into the second stage immediately.

Unusual Activity. If four or more of these activities are going on, you have an ‘intelligent entity’ haunting you, not influence from a natural energy field or a supposed innocent ‘ghost’.

Call or contact help now…please don’t wait to get to stage two or three before seeking help. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to free the person.

  • Movement of objects that is unusual

  • Doors opening by themselves

  • Dishes or pans moving or being thrown

  • Furniture moving by itself

  • Pictures falling for no reason

  • Fires starting with no discernible reason

  • Weird messes on the floor or things thrown out of refrigerators and cupboards when no one in the house did it.

  • Knocking on the door (often 3 knocks but sometimes more or less) and no one is there

  • Most of the activity is at night between 12 and 6 in the morning, but can also be present in the daytime. They like the night best, but they’re strong and can be fully present during the day.

  • Scratches on the walls that have no explanation, occult symbols or deep gouges

  • What appears to be blood oozing from walls, the floor or furniture

  • Awareness of an unseen ‘intelligent’ entity, like “it’s thinking…”

  • Seeing shadow figures that seem to move ‘on purpose’.

  • Strange smells that have no actual source

  • Uneasy feelings of being watched

  • Feeling a sense of being threatened.

  • Being touched by something unseen.

  • Being bitten, scratched or being bruised in ways that are abnormal that look like claws.

  • Being attacked sexually while sleeping.

  • Being pulled out of bed by something unseen.

  • Being slapped, hit or even thrown around by something unseen.

  • Having something unseen throw items at a person or animal.

  • Seeing objects flying around a room even when no one is in the room.

  • Hearing footsteps when no one else is in the house

  • Hearing yelling when no human is yelling.

  • Hearing familiar voices of people long dead.

  • Strange voices or whispering around you, in the house or outside when no one is there

  • Hearing your name being called, when no one is there (or even a ‘phone call’.)

  • Seeing apparitions or shadow figures that get more frequent with time

  • Hearing noises that are not normal ‘house’ noises, loud banging, rapping, knocking

  • Lights turning on and off by themselves, flickering in strange ways

  • Electronic items unusually turning on or off, plugged in or not.

  • Catching ‘spirit’ displays on camera or recordings.

  • Odd animal behavior (watch for illness or extreme nervousness, get the animal to safety.)

  • Human illnesses with no known cause that deplete normal energy and cause lethargy and exhaustion.

  • Pestilence – sudden onslaught of scabies, lice, flies, roaches, spiders, other insects for no real reason.

  • Snakes and other creatures such as dangerous spiders or scorpions begin to move into your home or under it when you live in an area where they usually do not congregate or are rare.

  • Seeing snakes or scorpions that aren’t really there.

2. Oppression

Oppression is about the ‘mental’ effects of demonic influence. It is not about normal mental problems, it is about mental influence “combined with” accompanying signs of infestation. If there are no other signs of infestation, then the mental problems may simply be a normal process that can be treated by a doctor. Usually the infestation strikes first and people begin talking about those things before mental oppression begins to become a part of the conversation. Not always, but most of the time. It’s very rare that signs of infestation have not made themselves known first. If there is abnormal activity in your home and even if you do not see it, pay attention to those in the family that do. If you notice that one or more is becoming depressed, lethargic, apathetic, or unusually interested in dark things like certain types of art or music, or are beginning to have problems at school or with their friends that have no explanation, email me.

  • Depression not normally present

  • Suicidal thoughts are sometimes present, said or unsaid.

  • People become sick, very tired, exhausted, worn out physically and mentally.

  • Severe nightmares, very frightening, ‘horror’ nightmares on a constant basis.

  • Talking to people no one else can see

  • Unique behavior that they tell you ‘someone else’ did, they didn’t.

  • Unusual acts, breaking things, stealing, hitting, biting and they don’t know ‘why’ they did it.

  • Speaking in strange voices their normal range of voice cannot reach. Deep bass, weird or raspy voices that sound like another person.

  • Saying things they would normally never say.

  • Blaspheming God or Jesus by action or words

  • Having strange sexual attitudes or behavior that is definitely ‘out of the norm’.

  • Dressing and acting in embarrassing ways to attend church or family parties.

  • Bizarre actions that are not a part of their normal behavior.

  • Talking about torturing animals and laughing about it.

  • Laughing inappropriately often during the day.

  • Lack of empathy for others if the other person is injured or hurt.

  • An ‘echo’ effect in their ears when you speak or in yours when they speak

  • Constantly worrying about something that does not ‘seem’ real to you

  • Crying fits or unusual tantrums that are not usually something they do.

  • Not eating as well or rarely eating

  • Episodes of missing time

  • Doing strange and unusual things and having no memory of it. (not normal sleepwalking)

  • Staying in their room alone constantly or wanting to in a not normal way.

  • Coming out only at night or when others are not present.

  • Cutting themselves off from other family and friends

  • Pleading and insisting that ‘something’ is bothering them or ‘after them’ that no one else has seen.

  • Feelings of being ‘targeted’. That it ‘only happens to them’ when no one else is around.

  • Paranoia – not of people but of something unseen.

  • Begging you to ‘do’ something about it.

  • Begging you to ‘believe’ them.

  • Frequently saying, “Please believe me, I’m not crazy, this is really happening!”

  • Frequently saying, “I must be crazy! Why are these things happening to me!”

  • Constantly wanting to talk about what they’ve seen or experienced that day.

  • Saying again and again, “There are ghosts in this house!” or “I don’t care what you say, there is a ghost in this house and it hates me.”

  • Withdrawal when scoffed at. Crying and deeply insulted.

  • Constantly questioning their own sanity and asking to see a doctor for help.

  • Goes to the doctor, gets medication, but things are still happening around this person.

  • Pleading for you to listen to what they’re telling you again and again.

  • Getting frantic about avoiding certain rooms of the house.

  • Leaving their room to sleep anywhere else out of fear.

  • Not sleeping well or rarely getting enough sleep out of fear.

  • Insisting that the lights be on when it is dark or they’re going to sleep.

  • Insisting on leaving the door open and a light on in the hallway.

  • Refusing to enter other rooms of the house.

  • Constantly ‘watching’ around them for activity.

  • Nervous and losing weight.

  • Say they’re fine at school or work but afraid to come home.

  • Overly concerned with death, theirs or others.

  • Putting up crosses all over their room or other areas of the house.

  • Using ‘protection’ rituals from books they bring home.

  • Wearing ‘protection’ medallions or blessed medals, crosses and even rosaries, although they are not Christian or Catholic, or even Wiccan, etc. Just wanting to wear something for protection and refusing to take it off.

  • Any behavior that is totally unusual but seems fear based.

If these things are happening along with other things going on in the home, you need to call someone that knows how to diagnose the problem. Call in a ‘Ghost Hunter’ team to see if there is paranormal activity present. You may need to call in more than one team. True demons will hide their activity usually because they have an individual targeted and don’t want to be cast out.

Take the afflicted person to a psychologist, but ask your local minister or priest who they recommend. They have ones on call that know when the mental symptoms may be more than a mental condition.

Don’t attack the person who is coming to you with these problems. It may be simply that you can’t see it, not that it doesn’t exist. If you attack, you will alienate the person and make them more of a target for demonic takeover. So resist the tendency to say cruel things and doubt their sanity, thinking that all these stories are just stupid, there is no such thing as ghosts and they are simply nuts for thinking otherwise.

Be aware that your own indifference and attitude towards what may be going on can be a result of influence by the demon over you. They will often influence others in the home to withdraw from the afflicted person they are after simply to isolate that person and give them no where to turn.

Medication or alcohol can weaken the resolve of the person the demons are after causing them to become more of a victim. Be careful not to overmedicate or get drunk. If you drink or take drugs, you can be victimized too and influenced to become mean, selfish and uncaring towards the person asking for help. Realize that you may not know as much as you think you do.

Seek help now if you or someone else in your family are presently experiencing these things, because the next step is possession.

3. Possession

All of the above, especially the behavior, but in a way that seems to actually be another person acting through your loved one. You don’t ‘know’ them anymore.

  • Hurting others on purpose – includes animals, birds, reptiles, etc.

  • Swearing and saying horrendous things designed to be cruel.

  • Laughing at anything holy or refusing to be around anything concerning God.

  • Destroying holy items, Bibles, pictures, or statues of Jesus, Saints, etc.

  • Signs of a second personality – not acting, but real. One minute they are who they are, the next second someone you’ve never met.

  • Acting or Looking animalistic, growling, snarling, injuring others or things with unusual strength.

  • Displaying unusual strength and powers of kinesis…making items move by themselves.

  • Displaying physical and mental abilities no human being normally possesses.

  • Displaying knowledge of hidden things – facts, discussions, information – they couldn’t possibly know.

  • Saying things in their sleep in other languages, or things they would never normally say.

  • Going into rooms or even staying in rooms where they used to refuse to go.

  • Going out into the night in a weird manner, coming back with strange odors or things on their person that you cannot explain.

  • Sudden increase in animal mutilation in the neighborhood.

  • Speaking in strange languages that have no translation.

  • The face seems ‘different’ when these things occur. The person does not look like the person they were before.

  • A preoccupation with Satanic behavior, subjects and objects.

  • Treating everyone badly and driving people away.

  • Displays of temper that are simply overwhelming to anyone that encounters them.

  • Speak often of killing someone or committing suicide themselves.

At this point, my friends, it’s past time for a ‘simple’ discussion with a minister or priest, you need to act immediately.

Call your local diocese and ask for an appointment with the appointed exorcist for that diocese, whether you are Catholic or not.

Once a person is possessed, it may take many exorcisms to free that person. Demons do not work alone. The longer you wait to seek help, the more demons have moved in to dominate the person and a ‘major’ demon is directing them.

Perfect Possession:

When a person, a human being, chooses to be possessed completely by a demon or Satan himself, forever. The ties to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are completely severed and cannot be repaired.

In my experience it is not often that a person who has passed through the three stages of possession chooses perfect possession. It is more common that a person who chooses perfect possession has either become a practicing Satanist or has made the decision with their own free will prior to the possession.

They choose it for wealth, power, influence or other reasons. But they choose it and give their lives over completely at that time. I have never heard of a perfectly possessed person ever approaching a Priest or Minister for help. In fact, if they do approach, the Priest or Minister usually walks the other way, because the Holy Spirit warns us not to get anywhere near that body occupied by Satan. It is extremely dangerous.

Once completely given over to the Devil, he controls the perfectly possessed person’s body, mind and soul, and ‘lives’ through them, controlling every minute of their life until they die.

And that’s the end of the story of possession.


Can animals be possessed?
No. But they can be influenced severely. It’s best to take animals out of your home if you experience activity and the animal seems disturbed by it. Get your home cleared before bringing them back in, otherwise they could become so agitated they can become very sick or begin to show irrational behavior and put your family at risk. A true Satanic demon does not like animals and will kill them because the animals don’t like them either.

A few parting words…

Real Life is not a movie and no, you will not get the upper hand on a Satanic demon whether or not you think you can ‘handle it’. They love displays of ego, play that game very well, work in groups so they have backup and endless mind games to play on you 24/7. They’ll twist you and turn you and flip your life upside down. The tougher you think you are, the smarter and ‘more gifted’ you think you are, the more they like it. They’ll play you until they tire of the game and then they’ll hit you with everything they can bring to the table, which is, in fact, formidable. They’ll destroy your self confidence and your relationships, your health, finances and your life itself until you are a shell of your former self and suicidal, ready to give in, thinking that if you quit fighting them everything will go back to normal.

Your only chance of “true” freedom with ‘real’ Satanic demons is God, because only God is more powerful, smarter and has the authority over them. No human being will ever have the personal power to order a demon around without the authority of Jesus Christ. I’ve studied all the other religions and belief systems…they can get Satanic demons to stop progressing, but they usually have to ‘strike a deal’ in some way. And that statement is true. And many times, the deal will only last as long as the practitioner who performed the ritual lives and then the game is on once again.

Does that sound harsh? It was meant to. Wake up and smell the coffee. Not every entity that makes your life troublesome is a Satanic demon, but when you’re truly dealing with one, there’s only one way to make it retreat for good, and that is using the authority of Jesus Christ. Everything else is smoke and mirrors and a dog and pony show you usually have to pay for, one way or the other.