Weapons of the Devil

1. Projecting Thoughts Into Your Mind

You may have thought I was going to say ‘disbelief’ first, didn’t you? Wrong. You wouldn’t have disbelief if the demons weren’t projecting thoughts to your mind that led you to find yourself doubting God. There are a lot of writings, TV shows and movies that try to convince people that the devil is the last thing you should worry about. Even many clergy think he’s no longer a problem, and some don’t even believe in him at all.

Let me tell you how the devil manipulated people to this point….

They start the thoughts they project with the word I. That way, when the thoughts come in, you think it’s you telling yourself what they’re actually saying. Like, “I am so angry right now”, “I am fed up with this”, “I don’t believe in organized religion”, “I don’t believe God loves me or I wouldn’t be suffering like this”.  Nearly every thought coming from a demonic source is negative because they feed off of negative emotions. They love to cause fights, create ‘situations’ and other nefarious ideas in your mind that you would not otherwise think of doing. Actions that you would never really consider appear and suddenly, they’re a spontaneous reaction on your part to whatever is happening around you, like road rage or the sudden urge to shoplift.

Some of the thoughts they send are, “I can do this, it’s okay, just this once!” or urges to do things you know you would never normally do, like go to a party and drink until you pass out or find yourself on a one night stand with a person that makes you shudder the next morning when you see them. That person though, as well, received a thought that made him/her want to seduce you too, or worse.

The consequences or feelings from following these thoughts into action are always ones that debase or humiliate you as a human being. They victimize you so that you will be hurt either physically, mentally or emotionally.

So how did you open the door so they could influence you like that? Did the devil really make you do that? No, But he came at you sideways through a deep disappointment or injury that caused you great suffering that you may have blamed on God or were angry that God didn’t ‘fix’ earlier in your life.

2. Causing Doubt Through Suffering

Using our personal feelings against us is their next course of action. Either we or someone we know or love begins to suffer from an illness, a natural calamity or a serious injury, perhaps even death at the hands of another. We feel intense emotional distress from this situation and begin to pray for God to heal the suffering. We pray, but thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not sure God is listening”, “I’m not sure I believe in miracles”, begin to invade our minds, and doubt creeps into our hearts and our Trust in God creeps out.

If God doesn’t answer right away, or no miracle takes place, your next thought might be, “Why is this happening to me? God isn’t answering my prayers, but why? I’ve loved him all my life.”

What is your next thought going to be?   ”God doesn’t love me. He isn’t listening. He’s deliberately withholding his miracles from me for some reason I don’t understand.  He’s being mean and I’m not going to pray to him anymore.”

Now you’re really upset and angry, that whatever happened, happened. You’re mad that God didn’t stop it or angry that he didn’t heal it with a miracle. No matter how you slice it, you’re really upset and confused and some people begin ranting at God or simply walk away and cut him out of your life.

You begin to convince yourself that God either caused or allowed whatever happened to happen.

So the devil has done his best to get you in a negative state of mind. It’s doubtful that he caused what actually happened either, but he has certainly taken advantage of the fact that it did happen. Once you’re angry at God, and not talking to him anymore, the devil can project whatever thoughts he wants at his leisure. You begin to feel helpless and powerless over your circumstances, and you now see what happened as some whim of fancy by God that you don’t understand.

So where do you turn next? How do you get advice? What does your minister say? Perhaps he says, ”God allowed this to happen to strengthen your faith.” You hear it and inside you say, “What?” You’re suffering, others are suffering and you’re supposed to have stronger faith? That doesn’t make sense to you and your confusion deepens, and you reach out for something else you can hang onto.

The ‘new age’ movement has given you many options. Psychics, Mediums, Witchcraft, Magic, Gurus, Spiritualists, Magicians, other Religions that promise answers or rituals that will give you what you want, and tons of books on Why does God allow suffering, or Why suffering is a healthy thing for your faith. But if you’re really angry, none of books taking a religious viewpoint will make sense to you. Why? Because the devil is doing everything he can to control your negative and doubtful thoughts, and the farther you slide into doubt and negativity, it becomes more difficult to hear that ‘small voice’ in your heart the way you could before. In fact, if you allow yourself to indulge in doubt and negativity, the devil could establish a little bit of ownership over you and make it impossible to hear God unless you renounce the devil’s hold over you. So be careful about allowing yourself to fall into angry outbursts and/or excessive self pity.

“Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.”
John 8:47, 49

So, at that point, no longer finding comfort in your faith, you turn to the other offerings you find on the internet, hoping for the best, but never really finding the peace in your heart you were looking for. And surfing the new age library for answers without God to guide you is like surfing with no virus protection for your browser. Because as good as many people are and as well-meaning as they can be out there, there are also a lot of charlatans too. After spending a lot of money, you can still be left without peace, or joy and a much emptier bank account with nothing to show for it. Some part of you becomes that kid inside that left home and had to call your parents or a loving mentor for advice you could trust…but you ‘sorta’ burned that bridge and now what do you do? You begin to doubt yourself the same way you doubt God.

3. Manipulating your Self Worth

The devil is an artist at painting us as “unworthy” in our own minds, to attack and victimize us. At first we realize those thoughts are untrue, but the more those thoughts hit us, the more we question ourselves until we either say ‘NO’ when thoughts like that pop into our heads, or begin to believe them. He can use others around us as well by projecting thoughts towards them that are also untrue. If we begin to believe we are unworthy of good things or miracles in our own mind, we can become very depressed or anxious. We might become fearful and even hypervigilant (overly watchful) we can begin to see ourselves in a very negative light and our once happy life can spiral out of control if we judge ourselves too harshly, We are always our own worst critics. And if the opinions of others regarding us is also harsh, it’s possible for us to spiral to serious depths of depression and even consider ending our own lives, and at that point the devil’s lies have become our reality and nightmare. To wake up from this, truly, say NO! No I am not a bad person, No, I am not horrible or mean or cruel or unlikable. I am a good person, a loyal person, a decent and kind person and I love people. Just keep saying this and ask God to give you strength and bind up the devil from trying to make you think that way. Even if those remarks come from other people, you know they are not true. Keep saying the good things to yourself, and ask God to bring love, joy and goodness into your life everyday and you will see how everything begins to get better and happier in your life.

I’ve seen people be taken apart on the internet simply because someone started gossip about them. What those people don’t realize is that they are being the devil’s tool. Whenever any of us judges someone else or sits in judgment of someone else, we had better make sure that what we are saying is truthful or we can actually condemn ourselves to be used by the devil as we fulfill his greatest desire of injuring someone to the point we deprive them of their humanity. That may be or not be a ‘legal’ as the world goes, crime, but it certainly is a crime in God’s eyes and believe me, the devil knows first hand what is a sin to God. No favor or request you may ask of God will be given to you from that time forward by God until you confess your sin, ask for forgiveness, truly repent for committing it and never knowingly do it again. No matter what your age, even if you are too young or too old to realize what you’ve done, confession, repentance and forgiveness must be granted before you will relieve yourself of that burden that will allow Satan to influence your life until you are back in God’s grace. If you, yourself, cannot personally do these things (as in young children or the senile elderly) then those who take care of you or watch over you must do it for you. Your family or friends must pray for your forgiveness.

There are people who will tell me I’m wrong about this, that God forgives the very young or very old as they have not gained or have lost their reason, and regarding God, they are correct. But I tell you surely, that until someone steps up for that person, The Devil will not forget and will constantly accuse that person before God and will harass that person the rest of their life. He will think he has the right if formal forgiveness is not sought and gained by prayer on their behalf. He will take any edge he thinks he’s entitled to and utilize it to pursue anyone that has stepped out of God’s protection even for a moment. I know this because of what I’ve seen, heard and experienced myself over my life. Many clients I’ve had over the years, including clergy, have suffered from Satan’s wrath for this type of sin. If you lie and someone who trusts you repeats it as truth, you have now caused them to sin as well…and here we go…Satan’s fondest wish comes true and you are compromised. Pray immediately and repent. Believe me, it will save you a great deal of trouble later on.

Be merciful to yourself, to others in your family, to friends, acquaintances and even strangers. See God in everyone, including yourself and you will not be so quick to judge or condemn. And then Satan has no hold over you in this manner. In the Bible it says, Judge not lest ye be judged. People always think that means judged by God. What they don’t realize is that it also means by Lucifer, also known as Satan and the Devil. He was the first angel God created. The most brilliant, the most powerful of the Seraphim, which is the highest level of the Angelic Order of Heaven. He knows when you’ve committed a sin and he will make you pay. He doesn’t care about forgiving you, just getting a handle on you, finding your weaknesses; something he can use later to either justify his attack or to use as a route into your mind. Don’t give him anything he can use later. Before you act, remember what I said and rethink your intention, no matter how justified you think your opinion or action is, you’d better be absolutely correct in your ‘judgement’.

Why does the devil do this to us? Because he hates us because God loves us unconditionally, and has placed us over the angels in his regard and love. He sent his only Son to save us from our sins that the devil could use against us.

4. Massaging Your Ego

The one thing that can derail the best intentions of any of the ‘New Age’ spiritualists or anyone else who tries to help others is ego, and ego is truly Satan’s bailiwick. Without humility, there is no joy or peace, not in our hearts, our lives, or our world as we know it.

“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.”
Luke 9:23-24

That verse really is not about martyrs, but about someone loosing their grip on control over their life and ‘giving’ their life back to God without reservation. It’s a conscious act of surrendering everything about themselves to his wisdom, guidance, knowledge and leadership when they step up to do his work as his servant.

Nothing I’ve ever done was truly effective unless I surrendered my own will to God’s hands. As a human being I can be right or wrong at times, misguided or correct in my choices, but it’s always a 50/50 gamble which side I end up on. But when I step back and allow God to lead every single aspect of my life and work, miracles begin to happen. Those I work with, once healed, remain healed. My own body, spirit, soul and mind are also healed and protected by God. Not always how the world may consider protected, but in God’s way. However, I am always left with a thorn (or wound of personal weakness towards sin) in my side, and like St. Paul, I have to guard constantly against the wiles of the devil using my own weakness towards sin against me. We all have our weaknesses to overcome so that we don’t become egotistical over the fact that God even chooses to work through us at all. It’s a constant battle for me and anyone else dedicated to God’s work. People get healed and the oppression of the devil is stopped and of course, they want to thank me and tout my praises. But I think all of you reading this site by now realize that I only showed up for work. God did all the work. I learned what he put in front of me for years so I could show up for work with the right tools, and know how to handle them, but God is the architect, the designer and the general contractor in charge. I just do what he tells me to do and things work out right. If, at any time, I step out of line, believe me when I tell you, chaos ensues. So I’ve learned to just put one foot in front of the other, listen, obey and watch him toss the devil to the side of the road. If I get in God’s way I’m toast as the devil will snatch the hair off my head and hang it on a wall like his personal trophy. Anyone trying to take on Lucifer, Satan or the Devil, however you may refer to him (he likes having 3 names too, you know, to mimic the Trinity) without God’s help, is, in my mind, insane.

All people, no matter who they are, are concerned about their reputations, their ‘place’ in the order of ‘who’s best and worst’ according to public thinking, etc. Because we normally tend to judge ourselves the way the world sees us, we rise and fall on the opinion of others. The talk on social media, the money we hope to make doing what we do, etc., all revolves around what people think of us and makes those who have stepped away from God’s truth into the new age spiritual movement opinions, pseudo sciences and practices that deny God’s place as the great “I AM” in this creation of his is in serious danger of misleading or damaging themselves and those they try to help, especially if demons are involved. I’ve been called in to clean up some of those disasters and also called in by many practitioners who found themselves firmly in the grip of the very demons they thought they had banished, only to find them riding home with them as they left the premises.

No matter how good and praiseworthy anyone’s intentions may be, this may happen if their first order of business is to try to have faith in themselves, think they don’t need to rely on God anymore, or even think they ‘are’ God. That they can create whatever they want just like God. We’ve seen some great disasters on an epic scale derive from those beliefs.

People get caught up in what appears to work for their state of mind, but it all eventually catches up with them as they drift further and further down ‘their path’ following “their truth”. They tend to become less and less forgiving over time regarding others, as they place more value on their own thoughts as being the only correct ones. They no longer listen to the advice of others as it pertains to their chosen field, even when someone can prove that their beliefs are flawed. They become less flexible in their views, adhering only to their own viewpoints, ‘willing them to be true’. Wanting it to be so doesn’t exactly make it so, as many can tell you if they feel like talking about it. I’ve seen many that were considered ‘great’ in their field retire from it in despair and humiliation. I’m in my sixties, so I’ve known quite a few of these people personally.

This type of thing doesn’t just happen to people embracing a new spirituality or practicing sorcery or magic, but walking away from God no matter who you are or what your path in life is can lead to this kind of behavior before you fall and is what God referred to as ‘stiff-necked’ attitudes in the Bible. It can happen to people in all walks of life, even clergy. Be aware of this when you’re looking for answers that only God knows and let God lead you to the right person. Whether you’re personally angry at God or not, “With God, said St. Therese of Avila, “mercy triumphs over justice”. He will forgive your wanderings off the right path and lead you to the truth if you really want to find it.

5. The Devil’s love of Pestilence

Look around you. Has the Anti-Christ made an appearance and taken over the world? If the answer is no, the creepy, disgusting pestilence you’re experiencing is not from God angels dumping down hoards of locusts from the sky.

The devil controls all sorts of pestilence. They usually show up as swarms (huge numbers outside of normal) of icky bugs, insects, poisonous spiders, centipedes, snakes, cockroaches, flies, moths, rats, lice, scabies, mites, fleas; all kinds of swarms of critters that overrun your home, your body, your possessions or your animals. He’s usually behind any kind of swarm that proves to be destructive in one way or another. And contrary to popular belief taken from movies, TV shows and the like, it’s very rarely birds or larger animals. In my experience, I’ve never seen that happen, but bugs and lots of them? Oh yes, many times.

We’re not talking about a normal migration of a swarm of something. There are migrations in huge numbers sometimes that rarely but naturally happen, like rattlesnakes, tarantulas, etc. But there is usually a history of it if you look back far enough in the local records. So let’s discount that as a demonic swarm of pestilence. It’s nasty, yet, but not outside of normal.

Demonic swarms of pestilence can be there one minute and gone the next. They don’t abide by natural law. If they’re outside your home, it’s usually because the land itself has a problem, and it’s not because of a natural vortex. Perhaps rituals were held there that were anti-God or wars causing deep residual emotions of hate or fear happened there. Land cursed like that can even affect pestilence in your home that has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone living there. But the one thing these swarms have in common is that they can happen overnight or within minutes and disappear just as quickly. Even if no one can ever recall ‘that particular bug’ ever being there before in the land’s history, these things just ‘magically’ seem to turn up, then ‘magically’ disappear.

If you’re experiencing pestilence in your home, contact me. God has weapons too and his are more powerful and can rid your home or property of these creepy events. Exorcised salt sprinkled in the house corners and sprinkled over the land, with the perimeter anchored by blessed St. Benedict medals will stop these disturbances, even if they’re caused by someone practicing magic in the home. There are steps we can take to free you from this nastiness.

6. Infestation by lesser demons

Lesser demons, those not listed in the top 10 most dangerous demons, can infest a home once either summoned or attracted to a home by the occult practices, playing with Ouija Boards or symbols that give the demon permission to intrude.

Once they move in, if they arrive in sufficient numbers, and they always do, as spirit attracts spirit, they will also attract a more powerful demon, higher on the angelic echelon that is drawn to the gathering by their boisterous activity. The very powerful demons like to control the lesser demons, and/or any human spirits that may exist on the property. Demons like to oppress anything weaker than themselves, even other demons.

Even before the powerhouse demons arrive, the lesser demons, as they grow in number, establish a pecking order as to which of them has the most control over the residence, building or property. A trained demonologist can investigate and tell you what type of demon has the most control because they study the behavior of demons, and they will also know when that pecking order changes by the rise in different types of behavior being exhibited.

Some demons like to mimic the voices of people they have known in the past, some enjoy moving things, some ‘take’ things, some light fires, some make people or animals sick by disrupting their life force, some only plague animals because they enjoy your reactions of fear, anger or helplessness, some control types of pestilence, and so forth. The more dangerous the behavior exhibited the more powerful the demon.

Dishes, books or other heavy objects flying from shelves on their own indicates a demon of more power than one that simply moves something left on a table, for instance. Demons that can make loud noises, like breaking glass or loud banging sounds show that they have the power to really rattle the timbers, so to speak, and are usually equivalent in power to the ones that throw things.

You know when you’re in real trouble when a demon has the power to actually touch, pinch, pull, scratch, push, or damage your body in some way. They are very high on the ladder demonically. But the worst is the one that can literally break, throw and move sacred or blessed items in your home. Crucifixes, crosses on the walls, blessed statues of saints or Jesus are very dangerous. These are the ones that can literally possess anyone once the lesser demons wear them out through their rambunctious activity. They get the targeted person to the point of exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and through lies and persuasion attempt to coerce the person to give them the permission to actually possess them. What may start out as light activity builds until everyone in the family is ready to check into a hospital just to take some medication so they don’t have to think about it anymore. And once you do that, begin drinking, taking drugs or disconnecting from everyone and everything around you, the powerhouse demon moves in and ups the ante.

Please don’t wait until you’re frantic to get rid of these demons before asking for help. Contact me even when the earliest things begin to happen. Don’t be like the family in the movie the Poltergeist and laugh when your kitchen table or chairs are moved seemingly by themselves. Don’t say, “Do it again”, or address whatever ‘spirit’ you think might be hanging around. And I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen a ‘poltergeist’ be harmless. The very name means ‘noisy spirit’, not a child in puberty or a human spirit or some kind of non-intelligent ball of energy. Human spirits by themselves don’t even have the capacity to amass power, especially the kind of power it takes to move a table or chairs. There is always an entity that is a power source that is responsible.

The crazy things people believe because the devil began fooling people centuries ago into thinking everything paranormal had an interesting but not-harmful name and Demon wasn’t it boggles my mind.

Even if you can have a conversation or ‘talk’ to this supposed  simply interesting spirit, there are many demons or Djinn that can mimic human voices, respond intelligently and tell you some fabricated story about how they came to be there. If you interact at all, you’re literally giving them permission to be there and harass you, even if they claim they are not responsible, but that some “big bad” spirit is to blame. Ridiculous! It’s them alone or them partying in your home with their pals…and they aren’t ‘ghosts’ either. So wake up and smell the coffee. Once you give them permission, don’t expect it to be a simple process to get rid of them. And yelling and telling them ‘this is my house, you are no longer welcome, get out’ isn’t going to do it either. They’ll just laugh and back off until you have your guard down. If it’s a demon or group of demons, they’ll take on different format and come back to wherever you live or even move to just to make your life miserable. Time means nothing to them. They can wait….

They like to hang out where wars, murders or violence took place. They can ‘animate’ human ghosts at battlefields or cemeteries or even other areas to make you believe you’re seeing or talking to a human spirit.  If you do interact with them, many times they’ll secretly follow you home and make themselves comfortable. They might drift in and out, or be around you for years before you ‘suddenly’ begin to have problems.

You’re thinking right now, that’s simply not true…ghost hunters find real ghosts all the time. They really exist. Yes, they do. But they aren’t capable of intelligent speech nor do they ‘consciously’ interact with someone they didn’t know in life. Whatever they knew in life is what they have in death. So if a ‘ghost’ asks your name, that’s intelligent thinking, and sorry to say, that takes a ‘living mind’…not a dead one.

7. The Father of Lies

The one thing the devil loves the most is taking something that is actually normal and making it ‘paranormal’ by twisting the truth about it into something he can use to manipulate people. Many of the early metaphysicians did not realize that they were tricked by lesser demons into thinking what they thought were ghosts were actually capable of acting intelligently. Real ghosts do exist, but they aren’t intelligent. To be intelligent you would have to be able to grasp concepts or ideas you didn’t have during life. Ghosts never do that, they cannot. What they knew while alive is all they will ever learn. They can’t tell you what your name is or which of you is doing this or that.  Those are lesser demons, playing their games, trying to pull you into conversations that you think are innocent.

The devil moved through the centuries of man’s curiosity about the paranormal or metaphysical slowly and cautiously, seeding incorrect beliefs until he could convince enough people that everyone would think they had the real answers and the rest of the world would believe it too. His big lie is, “Nothing going on here’, move along…you’re fine, it’s just the usual seance, Nothing to worry about.”

It’s all been a game to him, but a necessary one to get everyone’s guard down. Now that so many people no longer take the paranormal seriously and go to scary movies to have a good time, the devil has gotten much bolder. He’s fooled the world into thinking God doesn’t care or that he never existed, that he’s an amorphous spot in our brain that ‘needs to believe’, but nothing more, or that he’s a tyrant sitting on a throne somewhere, or perhaps, even an alien from another planet.

And of course, that he, the devil, doesn’t exist, or his power is overblown or no longer active after the Crucifixion of Christ.

He also tricks some people into believing that through their magic they can command his lesser demons through ritual, as though, he, Lucifer, Satan, the Devil of all devils, would give up his power that easily. Many people in the world now believe that ghosts and the paranormal are harmless or just mildly dangerous; that real demons are rare and only nutsy church people believe in them.

Who do you think inspired real spells or the rituals to be written? Who makes curses really work? Who was so powerful that he even managed to bribe one of the chosen Disciples into betraying Jesus?  Who did Jesus call a him a murderer from the beginning, and The Father of Lies?

The devil is pure thought, incredibly brilliant and powerful, a Seraphim, the first creature created and thrown down by God and has consequently become the Prince of this world, a tremendous force of evil that even Jesus did not take lightly. He had to die on the cross and sacrifice his body to free us from the curses and power of the devil, and Jesus was God. I think humility and common sense is absolutely necessary to be able to understand what we’re truly up against.

“He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.”  John 8: 44, 47

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

John 8: 32, 36