What does that word mean? A glossary of terms…

I’m going to start with the terms I am asked to explain most often. Please understand that what I am writing is how ‘I’ interpret these words. Am I correct? To the best of my understanding and knowledge at this time. You may not agree, but that is your right. I learn something new every day, so my opinions are not set in stone.

What Is…

Exorcism: The dissolution of the link established by a foreign power source that has attached itself to the soul and awareness of a person, animal, or living being, and therefore has cut off their access to the power source of its natural spirit. This gives the usurping power source influence over all their actions, thoughts and physical body or even their ‘ghost’. The ‘forced release’‘cutting free’, or ‘convinced instruction’ of the usurping power source can be achieved by several methods, depending on what ‘type’ of power source has initiated the possession.

  • Religious ritual ‘forced release’ in the case of intelligent power sources, such as demonic or spiritual entities. This is the most difficult as the intelligent entity can only possess by permission of a living person and which may be exerted by agreement over other living beings (children, animals, plants) living under their control that are unable to decide for themselves.
  • Deliverance can mean several things, depending on the religion you subscribe to. Normally, Catholics refer to deliverance as prayers said to enable a person to rid themselves of demonic or other entity attachments. This is not the same as exorcism, because it is not a formal ritual or sacramental with the power of the Church behind it, but an enabling of the person afflicted through prayers, supplications, use of sacramentals, going to confession, mass and simply increasing their prayer life. It can also be a change in their lifestyle to keep them from sliding back into the behavior or situation they want to be delivered from.
  • Natural ritual ‘cutting free’  Freeing a home, person, property or situation caused by a power source that has unbalanced the harmony of that individual, animal, building or land, whether it was initiated by another ‘living’ human or confluent earth or cosmic energies such as torsion fields, EMF, RF, or electromagnetic fields. This is accomplished by either Shamanic ritual or perhaps even ‘rearranging’ the energies of the power field influencing the situation. The Chinese refer to this as Feng Shui, but these types of ‘rearrangements’ are common throughout all tribal or pagan religions as well. It’s more science than religious.
  • Mediumship’ or ‘convincing instruction’ by a knowledgeable well-intentioned person to inform the soul or body/awareness how to escape when it is trapped by energy fields that are not intelligent, but simply an overwhelming force or emotion at the time of death, such as that initiated by a violent death scene.

Ritual: It is when Intention, Words and Action are deliberately linked via a deliberate physically involved method to an esoteric Power Source and are organized in an ‘impeccable design’ to cause or manipulate an intended result. All three aspects must be present for the ritual to take place, but the most important aspect is the Power Source utilized. If that source is positive, the result will be intended to promote life and the quality of life. If the source is negative, the result is intended to harm, destroy or in some other way deliberately endanger or threaten life and the quality of that life.

Curse: A negative ritual usually involving objects, but can also be placed without objects. The power source is always negative. This is why God forbids cursing someone in the Bible or using his name in vain. The word vain in this instance means ‘to no consequence’ as he will not bless this use of his name, and to use it in attempting to curse is a sin.
A curse may have far reaching implications depending on the power source used in the ritual to place the curse. Usually spirits of one type or another are used to empower a curse. If those spirits are gods or demons, the curse is very potent indeed and difficult to remove.

Curses said with a great deal of emotion and intention may also be binding, but are, in some cases, easier to remove. If said by a parent of a child, they can cause lifetime suffering and even lead to possession by a demonic force.

Spirit: The direct line of linkage between the living being and the ultimate power source of life. Spirit emanates from this source and returns to this source after the living being dies. It is the spirit attaching to the body of the being that enables life. In my view, I do not believe the spirit or life force of any man or woman can be possessed. Only the soul and awareness can be possessed, which means that the demon now becomes the power source for those two aspects, instead of God. This phenomenon is apparent if a soul remains earthbound after death, it is either possessed or bound by a demon or devil and the only way to free that soul is through exorcism. Exorcising or forcing the demon to relinquish the bondage allows the soul and awareness to join the spirit that is already in Heaven. The spirit is the life force of the human that originally emanates from God and is a part of God. It cannot be possessed, bound or used by a lesser being, no matter who or what it is. God does not use our spirit to control us, but a demon or intelligent entity who has pushed aside our spiritual link with God through our own choice to allow him to do so will control and possess our free will.

Soul: The spiritual ‘mind’ and essence of the individual living being, able to access all intelligence, knowledge, gifts and memory of the creator, storage unit of the individual’s experiences, deeds, life and memories, linked to the ultimate Creator power source via the spirit. It is also the ‘seer, the eyes or senses of the mind’ of what cannot be visibly seen in 3 dimensional matter, but the unseen, pure energy, waves, vibrations and intention that is emanated from any energy source.
A ‘ghost’ of a person that is acting as thought it is intelligent or aware of its surroundings or that is able to manipulate objects, means that the soul is still present but powered by another energy source that must be cut away from the soul. Sometimes a death can be so traumatic and take place in such a powerful energy field that the soul can be trapped by that field until it dissipates naturally as the field loses it’s power to hold it, or until a fully alive person who is still operating with their natural spirit, looses the trapped soul through ritual (to release those caught up), prayer or by literally speaking to and convincing the soul that there is no bondage attached and that it can join the spirit in Heaven. This happens when the soul is able to realize that it no longer has an earthly body and that all its concerns with this life are finished.

Mind: The ‘translator’ of the downloaded information from the soul and physical senses of the living being. The mind is inhibited in its readily available translation by its total education and knowledge, great or small, of the living being. If you see a ball with your eyes, but do not know the words for ball or round, it is very difficult to express your interpretation of what you saw. This is even truer when attempting to interpret that which does not reside in matter form. This is why many people can ‘see’ the same thing with their ‘soul’ vision, but you will hear many different conceptual versions of ‘what they saw’. Each person will draw their explanation from ‘what they know’, hence, you might come away very confused indeed as to what was really seen. The early people could not put what they saw into descriptive words and drew it to the best of their ability instead. That was fine unless they were bad artists. So this is why different theories abound when trying to interpret even old drawings, much less interpretations of pure energy forms.

Awareness: The Awareness exists in the personal energy field of the individual. It is the sum total of the being’s experiences, its vocal emanations, actions, thoughts, earthly accomplishments, all things that the being has done and said, once it has been released through the spoken word or movements on the earth. When the being dies, if it is not bound or trapped on the earth, the awareness dissipates into the energy field of the earth. If there is a stronger field of energy present at that time that can contain this awareness, even though it still dissipates, it will dissipate more slowly. This is evidenced by ‘ghost’ phenomena and why only bits and pieces of that identity remain. The strength of the energy field will determine how strongly the awareness can make itself known. The awareness is no longer conscious, simply there and what you may hear or see is the imprint or their voice or body.