Why should you contact me?

Let’s look at your situation. What are you up against or dealing with? Do you know? If you aren’t sure, yes, you need to contact me, especially if you or your family are so fearful your quality of life has turned into a horror movie.

There is so much more to doing what I do than I can possibly write on these pages. Only years of facing evil and the experience of time and multiple situations can teach some of the things I’ve learned. I’m not talking about rituals, prayers or blessings, but the knowledge to ‘know’ what you’re really up against. Not all paranormal activity is caused by demons. I run into all kinds of negativity that does not fit into that description. I know there are some Christians who think that anything negative is caused by demonic influence, and that may or may not be true, but that does not mean that an actual demon is operating near or on the premises; sometimes yes, sometimes, no.

I’ve met many Christians who believe that any and all ‘natural methods’ of clearing a property is witchcraft. That is simply not true. God created everything that exists. When something goes wrong with his creation, whether it is nature causing the problem or mankind, he can fix it whenever he chooses. And to do that he sends a person he knows will do exactly what he wants done, exactly as he directs them to act. God uses ritual to heal, just as he uses ritual to stay in his will. All Christian churches use ritual, exactly as he directed, why cannot his servants do the same to heal the land? He had Moses strike a rock to bring forth water in the desert so God’s people could survive. Moses was supposed to only hit it once, as directed, but his frame of mind was such that he lost patience and hit it twice. The water still came forth, but God dealt with his disobedience. To be a faithful servant, we must be very careful when acting on God’s behalf to follow exact instructions, even today.

Many times what we ‘think’ is ‘paranormal’ is a simple act of nature itself, and in that case, “exorcism” is not possible as the word only pertains to the driving out of demons and nature is not a demon, so in that case, we call it cleansing or healing. There are many ways to “straighten” things out and reset the energy pattern to a healthy form that use natural methods and perhaps a slight manipulation of the energy in or around a building. The Chinese use Feng Shui, which is not magic, ritual or witchcraft. It is simply an educated realignment or placement of a structure so it does not conflict with the natural flow of energy around, over or under it. I’ve studied Feng Shui extensively. I do not use it exactly as the Chinese, but the principles are sound. It is one of the scientifically provable studies God directed me to learn while studying for many years. You’re probably thinking, “What?” But I say, I believe God created everything. Who would understand it better? Why look to another source of information? When it comes to what humans really know about this universe, we have a long way to go. Math can illustrate theories, but to me, only God knows the truth about the earth should actually work and how to set things right when they aren’t.

I’ve heard so many things said by people who simply don’t want to bother with what they see, hear and feel on a subconscious level, or who don’t believe or want to believe those in their family who do. Why don’t they take a moment to try to understand the problem? I’m not sure. Perhaps they’re just so busy with the world they don’t want to even think about anything they can’t explain in five minutes, or perhaps they are more afraid than they would like to admit, so they shut off their ability to sense anything other than what they can comprehend with their five senses. There are other people, however, who sense much more than they would ever want, whether they wish to or not, as all their senses, including their ‘intuition’ are “on” all the time. For them, what they are experiencing regarding the paranormal or unseen energies of the life around them can make their own life very difficult and frightening. But they don’t need to be so fearful. It’s just another subject to learn. Remember, science at one time instigated fear to the level that scientists were considered heretics and hung or burned at the stake. Our schools need to teach people how to use their senses, but lately, many have even cut music and art from their curriculum. So I don’t see that happening in the near future. Besides, who would teach it? We all experience it differently, according to our ability to translate what we sense with what ‘makes sense’ to us.

I built this site to remove fear of the paranormal. To explain to you how active God really is on every level of life and why you are ‘not’ crazy, making it up, or embellishing things for attention. If you’re a child, the information on this site is particularly important for you to know.

If your family is experiencing paranormal problems or they think they are and they’re frightened by it, what harm will it do to take some steps to alleviate their pain and fear? If you don’t believe it anyway, at least show your love for them by realizing that they do believe what they are telling you. If you have compassion, you need to reassure them that their plight is more important to you than your own opinion, which, in fact, may be completely wrong, or right. But insisting that nothing is going on will not stop things from happening or even escalating to the point where your family members may be truly affected, physically, mentally or spiritually.

It’s much easier to address the problem early before it gets out of hand. It’s much kinder to approach the situation by calling me and finding out if there really is a paranormal situation going on than to drag your family members to a doctor who has no idea of anything he cannot see and feel, so consequently he refers you all to a psychiatrist who also may misdiagnose the problem but put your family member on medicine that will weaken their ability to fight back spiritually. I can usually tell you over the phone if you actually have a problem that you can handle yourself or will need my help personally to rid your home or property of negative spirits and with God’s help, give you back your peace of mind and joy of life.

It will cost you nothing to work with me and many times, with my help, you can address the situation and defuse it without further problems. So please contact me and don’t put it off or delay. Let me know the best time to call you and I will call you as soon as I can. Give me as much information as you can about your dilemma. No one else reads these emails and I can’t contact you blind to what I’m dealing with. I have to set time aside to answer your plea for help.  I’m not going to call you if I don’t get some information on exactly why you’re writing to me. If you want my help, tell me why you want it. I’m not a psychic peering into a crystal ball when these emails come in. So don’t play games, please. There’s only one of me, thousands of people needing help. I have to choose wisely where to put my time.