Witchcraft and Sorcery

Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger on Witchcraft, Divination and Sorcery: Very important if you want to know how the Church views witchcraft and sorcery.

Just to be clear…let us not confuse natural, positive Wicca with dark witchcraft and/or sorcery. They’re vastly different things. However, evil is in the heart of the practitioner, so remember that.

For a Wiccan to fall anywhere into the definition below, they would have to “intend” harm and actually leave Wicca itself, even though they may claim to still be practicing Wicca. So don’t think they are devil worshipers or evil for practicing true Wicca. They’re not. I have many Wiccan friends and have no problem with their true beliefs based on ‘nature’ and natural phenomena. I’m not endorsing ‘all’ of Wicca, because some groups and individuals have other aspects of witchcraft  they also practice that I do not agree with, so this is not a ‘blanket’ endorsement. Witchcraft, dark or light, bad or good, really depends on the intentions of the practitioner.

One thing there is no shortage of in this world is ‘hard and soft’ sometimes known as ‘black and white’ magic, witchcraft and sorcery. As our cultures grew from ancient times, these forms of gaining personal power to dominate over circumstances, personal and environmental, have been around. Some ‘the soft or white’ are positive and natural, concerned with enhancing the earth and quality of life of all living beings. Other ‘disciplines’ have evolved into very powerful “hard” forms of manipulation of energy and are the most dangerous to the innocent and unschooled ‘seekers’ who trifle with them, either on purpose or by accident.  One of the most dangerous, in my opinion, is Palo Mayombe, a very dark side of Santeria, that has it’s own rituals, priests and even different gods than ordinary Santeria. This is not a religion to be trifled with and the most difficult exorcism I have ever faced was someone who had become cursed by a practitioner of Palo Mayombe.

Witchcraft and Sorcery are driven by personal ‘intention’ through rituals, spells and incantations which are methods by which the energy is manipulated and directed, either for good or evil. The more someone practices the ‘craft’ the more they can compromise themselves spiritually and the more effective their works can become as they attract ‘spirit helpers’, and/or utilize the devil as their spiritual power source.
We’re only human. It is human to want control over your circumstances and environment…and therein lies the temptation and desire. And it’s easy to do something once, “with outside help”, which turns out well and then mistakenly think there is no harm in continuing to do so…but as time goes by, you may unfortunately find that your ‘beneficent helpers’ are no longer gracious, but jealous of your attention and adoration and you find yourself ‘bound’ and manipulated by them.

Power, real or imagined, is a heady thing. Unfortunately, the ordinary person has no preternatural or supernatural power of their own. If you’re a witch and you’re reading this and thinking, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, realize that I do know that you’re using an entity, ritual or spell (a ‘word’ ritual’) that calls on an entity or energy source to get the job done. Otherwise you could wave a wand or try to work all kinds of works by yourself, but I have not seen that work by itself and have been told by serious practitioners that it won’t work. It takes a power source to accomplish anything outside the normal realm of this earth, and if that power source isn’t God, you will have a problem sooner or later when the source, if it is intelligent, comes to collect. We can fool ourselves into thinking we can control that source, but even if it’s an earthly power, we all know it makes it’s own decisions in the end.

I’ve known and even now know a lot of practitioners of many different disciplines. High priestesses and warlocks that are practicing witches as well as santeros, curanderas, sorcerors, men and women of Toltec knowledge, brujas and brujos, holy men, kahunas and shamans from all over the world. We are good friends or at least, respect each other. At some point, either they came to me for help or advice or I came to them. I know a few Satanists as well, but do not usually work with them myself. I refer them to people specifically trained to help them if they request assistance. The intensity of their deliverance, exorcism or to free them from Satanic control takes time and knowledge I don’t have. I recommend contacting Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness.net. He is very qualified and knowledgeable in that field of deliverance and exorcism.


God’s interpretation of witchcraft and sorcery.

The First Commandment says, “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other gods before me. ”

What other ‘gods’ is he talking about?

He’s talking about entities with great power, but entities he created. They are gods from other worlds or dimensions, or even gods people created out of need for order and some are demons who constantly try to make people believe they are gods. These entities, all of them, only exist in this world as pure thought, but since all exist in a different dimension or perhaps even a different universe, they are not ‘wired’ the same as the energy in this world. I’m not sure how many universes comprise God’s creation, but I believe that energy functions close to the same in all of them, except that which is known as ‘Sheol’ or what we call “Hell”. How do I know this? By dealing for years with the energy manifestation of that which does not function the same in this world, those entities we call demons. Satan does not ‘live’ or ‘exist’ in this universe except in name and thought. He cannot manifest in this universe without inhabiting a life form with his thought or awareness. Sheol or hell does not exist here. It exists in a vastly different place. It is not inside the earth, nor is it on this earth. No matter how bad your day went today, earth is not hell and you are not living in it, thank the Lord.

Myths and legends of gods and goddesses abound in literature and perhaps did, through manipulation of the body of a human, manifest on earth at some point. Interestingly enough, they don’t seem to exist now or manifest either. Does that mean that through pure thought they are not powerful? No. Does that mean they cannot possess or manipulate people now to accomplish their goals? No. In fact, perhaps all those tales of gods and goddesses were advanced by demons the entire time to trick people from the beginning into worshiping them. Not only is that possible, but speaking as a person who has studied these subjects for years, I must say that I think it is more possible than believing there really is a Thor out there or a Mercury or Huntress who are separate entities and gods in their own right.

True ‘dark’ sorcery and true ‘dark’ witchcraft takes a huge power source to accomplish it’s goals, because it is literally the changing or manipulation of the normal energy field of an earthly object or living thing into the energy field that does not normally exist in this universe. Coming into contact with such an object or being is extremely detrimental to the normal energy field of anything it gets near and especially if it actually touches a living being. A true witch or sorcerer knows this and will tell you this is a fact. For them to manipulate this energy field, they have to appeal to a source outside this creation we know. They don’t always realize that, but I do, because God has shown me time and time again how to negate the field and reset the energy of the afflicted to normal. I cannot help but believe that somewhere in the depth of their mind, they know exactly what they are doing. Perhaps some of them don’t understand the physics of it, but they do know that what they are manipulating will cause destruction of some sort or another.

Realignment of an energy field to ‘Earth’ normal, is how healing takes place, and there are many practitioners of many arts, such as shamanism that are solely healers of the earth, any living life form and the land itself.

Religious exorcists are also ‘healing’ practitioners, but solely through their faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. Once a possessed person is released and healed, the soul is able to once again take it’s rightful place in the body.