Why is it dangerous to live with ghosts?

Spirit attracts spirit. If you have one in your house, whether it’s a problem or not at the moment, you will at some point, have more. Maybe not right away, but other spirits will be drawn to the first one and eventually you will begin to realize or ‘feel’ other personalities in the home.

Even back in tribal days people knew there were other life forms that existed, even if they couldn’t see them with their eyes. Once in awhile a person could see them, but most of the time, the other life forms stayed invisible to our range of vision.

The truth is, we don’t even have any idea how many other life forms there are in this universe. We don’t know for sure how many dimensions there are or how many beings inhabit those dimensions. We don’t know if those beings can traverse dimensions at will or if they are permanently stuck in their own dimension. And to top that off, we don’t even know whether or not we, personally, are multidimensional beings! We could be. Perhaps we simply haven’t evolved to a point where we realize that yet or we need to learn how to deport ourselves within those dimensions first. And if it’s true that we’re multidimensional…and we pop up in other dimensions than this one, even now, then really, “Who’s scaring who?” Are we sometimes scaring them like they scare us? Interesting question, isn’t it.

So, here’s the thing. If you have an entity in your home, were they there first or were you? Does it matter? No. If they’re multidimensional beings, then they need to be a little more careful to stay in their own dimension. I doubt they’d want us banging around their living room anymore than we want them banging around in ours.

If they are multidimensional beings, but choose to be here instead of somewhere else, then it still doesn’t matter because we have the right to have our privacy and live in our world without their interference. If they are ‘civilized’ beings, then they will understand that, and if you tell them you want them to go, they should go.

But what if they don’t? What if they are beings that simply want to be here to make us uncomfortable and fearful? Then, like any intruder, which is what they are at that point, they need to be decisively told to go and that they cannot return to live in your house with you. That approach is called exorcism. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you hold a religious ritual in your home, what it means is that you forcefully demand that someone or something depart from your home that you no longer wish have around. It’s a forced eviction of the unwanted intruder.

Some of these beings are known to us and some are not. It takes a Charismatic to understand the difference between an emanation of an evil spirit or demon and those that do not hate all living things, but simply hate mankind. Some have just found a convenient place for themselves to live, and want to stay at all costs. There are many other spirits in this cosmos, but only a Charismatic with the gift of Discernment of Spirits can really tell you what is present.

The most common truly ‘evil spirits’  that we somewhat understand at this time are demons or fallen angels who were kicked out of heaven with Lucifer many millennia ago. They really do hate mankind and want us all to suffer and die, because they hate God and they know He loves us.

But demons are not the only angry spirits we have to deal with. Some Djinn (featured in the Koran) also sometimes dislike mankind. They were supposedly pushed aside when man was given this earth to live on by God. According to legend, many of them are very resentful and angry about this and want us out of what they consider their world. Some really do hate us, but others do not seem to or perhaps have decided that we’re not all that bad. Who knows…but some are reported to be friendly. I’ve run into a few of them. They are not easily dissuaded to leave the premises.

According to the many different religions of the world, there are thousands of different spirits that inhabit this universe and additional universes or dimensions. Beings that are able to travel to earth, or were here before we were. Many reside here in one form or the other. We know the names and tendencies of some of these, but we only know what is written in ancient documents or said in legend or told in stories. We’re not advanced enough yet to understand the full story on any of them or even if they truly exist as we envision at this time. So until we do, we need to realize that we may be in a very populated universe of many beings existing at the same time across many dimensions. At least if you look at it that way, you can keep an objective view of things and perhaps accept it as an unproven fact, and not succumb to fear and superstition. If they were all harmful to us, I think we would know that instinctively. We do have instincts and even in my dreams I know when a dream entity is just a dream or a real entity. I’ve actually learned to bind up demons in my sleep in Latin.

In my experience, when I am called about a spirit inhabiting a home, I usually find additional ones that haven’t made themselves apparent to those living in the house. I have yet to find just one in any location that has enough activity for the homeowner or renter to call me. But one fact seems to be abundantly clear. There is always one ‘top’ or controlling spirit that is over the group of spirits in any location. The way I have to approach them depends on what kind of spirit it is.

Many times Ghost Hunters will check out a home or piece of property where the resident has ‘seen’, heard or discovered an entity, only to find that they can get nothing on their recorders or cameras. This is not unusual at all and why it’s dangerous to live with ghosts. If it was a real ghost of a human being, it wouldn’t have any intelligence and it wouldn’t know to hide or react to a particular time of day or night. Why would a human ghost only come out at night when humans are, by their very nature, more scared in the dark? Just because it’s now a ghost doesn’t mean it thinks like another type of spirit. It would still have the human way of thinking. Supposedly the only way a human ghost would know any different would be if it ascended after death and learned a few things about spiritual reality. But I say, if it ascended, why would it come back here and hang out in a closet? Personally, if I were a ghost, I’d be sitting in your barcalounger with my feet up all day watching soap operas or Dr. Phil. At night, I’d be sleeping on your couch. Seriously, I’d be a ghost…I can sleep if I want to, right? There aren’t any rule books that I know about in ghostland, so why would I think any differently than I do now? Do you see now why what  I am saying makes sense? I don’t throw things now, why would I then? And don’t tell me it’s because I would be frustrated that you couldn’t see me. Only a living, thinking mind is capable of thinking cheap thoughts like that. Once the electricity to the brain is turned off by death, it’s off, otherwise Harry Houdini would have been talking up a storm.

Living in a closet is not any human being’s idea of fun either. Who wants to do that? Or living in a basement or other dark place all the time? We don’t and we wouldn’t. Maybe the one or two odd and eccentric people, but seriously, even those people would head for the bathroom or kitchen from time to time if they were thinking they’re still alive. Truly…think about it.

No, it’s not a human spirit you need to fear. If you have a human spirit (or one that appears to be human) hanging out in your closet, basement or other dark and dank place, or sitting around in a closed and empty house, hospital or insane asylum, then something bigger, smarter and stronger is holding it there. And “That Is” the spirit you want gone. You get rid of him, the others will take off for the promised land in a split second, happy to leave.

So, let’s recap. What kind of spirit is going to hold onto human spirits for fun and nebulous profit? Only an evil one who hates mankind. What kind of spirit might hold onto a human spirit simply because it can and it wants company? My answer? One that likes to torture human spirits. Imprisonment is torture for a human soul while it is alive and especially after death.

I really don’t care what kind of spirit is in your home. It needs to quit living off your life force. If it wants to rattle around in your closet and not bother anyone, and you don’t care, I won’t do anything about it. But if it’s bothering you and your family by stomping around the house, rattling pots and pans or committing other sorts of mayhem, it’s got to go. Pure and simple. I’m not going to allow it to remain and you shouldn’t either. Because sooner or later some other wandering spirit is going to see that the first one has a cushy set up and move in as well. I’ve seen houses left absolutely unlivable with hundreds of spirits in them, but it all started with one.

So there you have it. These things occupying your house don’t care about you, your family, your animals, your plants or your possessions, all they care about is themselves, and torturing the living and possibly, the dead as well. No matter what they ‘say’ or imply, having them around means you’re feeding them with your own energy. You’ll definitely age before your time.

If you’ve tried to get rid of them with no luck, then contact me and we’ll work on it together. If you like being a hot lunch, then call me when you’re tired of it…and believe me, you will be tired. Something living on your life force or the life force of your animals will take it’s toll, perhaps even causing the death of the people or the animals. Sometimes even your plants will die as well.

So read what I’ve written on this site and find out how to get rid of the freeloaders and monsters in your closet yourself, or email me for help. I’ll call you within a day or two and we’ll take some action that will get your life and house back under your own control.