Other Religions, Clans and Cults

A short explanation of all religions, clans and cult organizations or belief systems that some people think are more commonly associated with the occult as it concerns my work. I am personally more concerned about the dark side of the human mind than I am with religions.

There is some good in nearly all religions. Most religions are based upon worship of deities that the people believe control their health, wealth, past, present and future life upon this planet and possibly beyond. Most believe those deities are capable of committing great and wondrous good acts as well as evil acts of vengeance and retribution. It is the fact that they do believe their god or gods are capable of evil acts that, in a way, gives them permission to do the same when they face a serious threat or wish to eliminate a threat to others.

I’ve been asked if I am afraid of some of these religions. The answer is no. However, I do respect the practitioners and as layman, I don’t go out of my way to ‘pick a fight’. Many aspects of magic and sorcery are very real. They’re not something anyone should take lightly or begin to practice unless they truly choose to put themselves into that situation. I have met many practitioners of these religions, their priests and priestesses, some of whom have become good friends, and have respect for who they are.

I am not a priest, only a layman trying to help other people to find peace and renew their relationship with God. I have assisted Priests, Ministers and Pastors who sometimes encounter the dark side of these religions and other religions or belief systems as well, to understand what they are up against and will continue to help them whenever possible. That said, there are greater authorities than myself concerning these religions. So I am writing a simple definition of one aspect of these religions that is of concern in my work.

I’ll be expanding this page as time allows to cover these and others more in depth.

The religions I hear about the most as being a ‘root cause’ of why people are experiencing problems in their lives are:

Satanism, Wicca, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Palo Mayombe, and Santeria.

Satanism speaks for itself. It is a religion devoted to the worship of Lucifer and Satan as god and anti the God of the Bible and the Holy Trinity. It’s a very serious religion not to be taken lightly.

Wicca: While true Wiccans have no ‘evil’ practices, per se, witchcraft practiced by those with dark intentions outside the religion itself can involve sorcery, spells and curses that can be dangerous and it is really up to the practitioner where they draw the line. But Wicca as a religion is not really a concern for my work as the religion is actually about being in harmony with the earth and it’s place in the universe.

Voodoo: Again, this is a religion that is many times considered a ‘folk religion’, and is not about committing evil for evil’s sake, but to right wrongs or help someone advance concerning their health, wealth or welfare. It can be used by someone who delves into the darker aspects of Voodoo to harm or even kill, but the religion itself should not be considered evil as a whole.

Hoodoo: African root magic. Mostly about healing and making someone’s life better, like Wicca and Voodoo. These religions began as healing ‘magic’ for people, animals and the earth itself. Whatever evil done using hoodoo is the result of the practitioners intentions and skill.

Santeria: Another ‘folk’ religion begun in a situation where very little or no medical help was available to the common man. Santeria is not considered an ‘evil’ religion. It is a religion mainly meant to heal and assist mankind, animals and the earth. There is a very ‘dark side’ of Santeria, but it is known by another name, Palo Mayombe.

Palo Mayombe: This religion is known for it’s black magic and power. It is considered a very dangerous religion, even by it’s practitioners and is very rarely practiced by Santeros or Santeras (Male and female Santeria priests).

Palo Mayombe has it’s own culture and priests, it’s own gods, rituals and rules.  My advice is to treat the followers of Palo Mayombe with respect and leave them alone.

“If you become involved in Palo Mayombe casually or innocently, you put yourself in great danger.” This was told to me by a practicing Palo priest and I have no reason to disbelieve him. He also told me how to counteract some of the spells and curses as sometimes innocent people can also get injured by the magic directed at another person, building or piece of property and he believes that lifting the situation off the innocent is the right thing to do. But this is not something I take lightly, nor do I often involve myself in affairs concerning Palo Mayombe. I was told the exact way to do this and it is very difficult and dangerous. I will not be publishing this rite.